Chapter Twenty.

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#Chapter Twenty#

I was sitting at my desk finishing off an essay, when my door was suddenly thrown open and a fumbling and gasping Mira came running towards me. 


She just looked at me, before squealing, really, really loudly. I actually had to cover my ears from her high-pitched, piercing voice. She grabbed my right hand, yanking it away and began jumping up down, bringing me with her in her movements, all the while still squealing. 

Then the light bulb went off in my head. 

I smiled knowingly as I watched her prance and dance her way around my room. She opened my closest and closed it, walked towards my hanging scarfs and fluttered them in the air, flung off her boots and jumped onto my bed, bouncing on it for a good minute before scampering off into my bathroom and spraying herself with air freshener. 

The girl had gone completely mad.

Finally, once she was completely out of breath she ran her way back towards me and held onto my good hand tightly. “He a-asked,” she stuttered slowly, swallowing and then trying again. “He asked Sameena.” 

I had never seen such brightness and happiness on her face before. Not when she bought her favourite Tony Bianco pumps last year. Not when she accomplished her goal of losing ten kilos, two years before that. Not even when she was accepted into her dream job at the most popular and competitive fashion and designing brand. 

In fact, the smile on her face right now was so large, I was beginning to worry some of her other features would fall off. Like her nose…

Her brown eyes were shining brightly and she her usually fair complexion had darkened a shade of red with all of her running about. 

“Salem?!” I laughed in excitement. 

“Salem!” she yelled in confirmation. She sighed and slowly, almost like a leaf flying through the wind, softly and quietly fell against my bed. “I can’t believe it Sameena. Salem, the Salem, the one I’ve had a crush on for god knows how long, has asked for my hand in marriage!”

I lay down next to her, turning on my side and wiggling closer. I looked over her with a large smile on my face, which she didn’t take notice of as she was staring at the ceiling in utter contentment. “You’re already imagining your wedding day aren’t you?” 

She laughed and turned around to face me, so that we were both lying down side by side. “I’ve been imagining it for much longer Sameena. You know, after I prayed fajr this morning, I just had this overwhelming feeling in my heart that something good was going to happen today. Something that would make me happy. And no longer had I gone down and eaten breakfast, when mum pulled me aside to tell me that Salem had approached her earlier on.” She stretched her arm out and lay her head on it, roaming her eyes over my face. “And I know you wouldn’t admit it yourself, but I know you had a part to play in this.” 

I smiled at her. I had known that Salem would be speaking to Mira’s mother today and in fact, I was waiting for her to barge into my room all afternoon. After Salem had finally decided to act on his feelings for her, we, as in Ziad, Salem and I, all agreed that he should ask Mira’s mother and not her father. Firstly, because he was still imprisoned and the court hearing which would determine his fate was still for another week. Baba said it wasn’t looking good for him, considering the amount of evidence they had acquired in the last month. Video footage from their home security cameras, the mess on the day of the incident and even just looking at khalto’s face, was proof enough of what he had done to them.

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