Chapter Thirty Eight.

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#Chapter Thirty Eight#

"Take a sharp left."

"Left again."

"Now walk straight down the hallway until you stop at door 2319."

I was literally biting my nails in nervous anticipation. Finally, finally, our intelligence team were able to get co-ordinates on Isaac's whereabouts. He had managed to flee all the way to Amman in Jordan and his exact location had been narrowed down to a grungy little hostel in the valley. We had made contact with the Jordanian government and their security to confirm that he had been last spotted leaving the Queen Alia International Airport.

A carefully selected team was sent out immediately and now, Salem was instructing them where to go.

If we actually caught him, not only would we have the culprit but a lot of questions could be answered.

Salem leant over the table that had all the screens displaying their movements. His eyebrows were scrunched in concentration and his eyes held nothing but fury-led determination. "As soon as you enter, have two people locate Isaac and the others secure every possible exit. I don't want him escaping again this time."

"Yes sir," Ahmad said, the co-ordinator of the team.

I glanced at baba who was standing next to me, his hands hidden in the pockets of his dress pants. His face was impassive and I couldn't quite interpret what he was feeling. There was one thing for sure though; all of us wanted Isaac questioned and locked up immediately.

"On the count of three."




I watched in eagerness as Ahmad kicked the door so hard it flew off its hinges. He ran inside and four other men followed him in, splitting up and doing exactly as Salem had instructed. Even from the restricted view I had, I could tell the apartment was small. Hopefully, finding and arresting Isaac wouldn't be too difficult.

And it wasn't difficult at all.

I couldn't tell whether I was feeling a great deal of satisfaction or sympathy when Ahmad walked into the darkened bedroom and pulled Isaac out of his slumber. The confusion gradually morphed into shock and when he realised what was happening, he immediately began thrashing violently, trying to free himself from Ahmad's grasp.

But it was too late.

His hands were already cuffed and Ahmad wasted no time in pushing him into a kneeling position.

"There's someone else!"

Our heads snapped to the fourth screen from where the voice had emanated. This time we were the ones that stared in shock as one guard grabbed the ankle of a man dressed in all black before he successfully threw himself out of the window he had managed to wedge open.

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