Never Let Go - (Book 2 of NBTSA)

Amberly, Dougy and Phil have been away for the past eight months, dealing with everything that has happened but now they are back. New alliances are formed and new people pop into their lives but in the world of crime, drugs, gangs and guns with death all around you, who can you really trust in this world? The trio find this out the hard way as they still battle against Paul and his gang, determined to bring him down once and for all.
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What if by a slim chance they are alive and living in the place they agreed 2 buy before everything went down? Hmmmmm i might be on to something.
Thank you for doing a sequel,I had to take a quick breather before starting this one cause I just cried my eyes out in the last book your are amazily!!!!
I so love how you rock my world by just letting me read these oh so awesome works of yours! :D <3
@iamclaire yeah and then they get captured by ambers brother and that's why they haven't gone home... If only/:
why did you get them to die in the first place they were soooooooo cute together and now there gone that is so not nice but I love them (the books) <3
Oh my God Amberly winds me up sometimes. All she can think of is Jeff. Her best friend of 4 years and her lover died 8 months back for God's sake!

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