Dateless and Deadly

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jules130 By jules130 Updated a year ago
Cassandra Cole and her sister Samantha were perfectly normal college students. Until they were kidnapped by a rogue organization that claimed they were the products of a couple of magical power houses and not to mention, destined to save the world. 
Now they're working against a powerful enemy, Caine, who wants their special talents for himself. But which one of the Cole sisters should he really be after?

Cute guys, an epic battle, and magic powers. What more could a girl ask for?
Fantasy_girl21 Fantasy_girl21 4 months ago
The whole 'you kidnapped my sister' part is weird due to the fact that it doesn't seem dramatic enough- but, overall I liked it and it was good enough to capture my whole attention so I shall read on. Good start.
ChillygurlC ChillygurlC 6 months ago
I tho the character was blonde hair and blues eyes?
But she said dark-brown with green eyes?
Change your cover
railroadcrossing railroadcrossing 6 months ago
RyanNeufeld RyanNeufeld 6 months ago
That's not the way you spill magnet. Thank you for writing, It's pre good so far.
EstherHeil EstherHeil a year ago
please come out with a second book for this I loved this book
YourMyAddiction YourMyAddiction a year ago
Jules, you're an amazing writer. I literally LOVE everything you write, its brilliant. Loved you since I started Wattpad<3 Much love! This book never fails to be amazing and captivating. Already read it once before I joined, going to read it again;)!!