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Name Tasha or D-Master ;)
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I'm still alive, barely. Thank-you to the creation of energy drinks! 

Okay, so a little about my hectic life - I do shift work, so my roster is all over the place and that includes crazy ass shifts at times (the joys). 
I'm in the middle of doing my house up - though it looks very similar to a construction site with projects half finished all over the place. One of those projects is a dirt track out in the paddock for our dirtbikes. Yay! So excited to have some jumps put in so I can stack it some more (my garage is not used for cars, only dirtbikes and a quad - not all mine either, lol). I kinda broke my bike right now, but she broke my fav pair of sunnies. So we're even.
I have two little monsters who take up what spare time I have and they are annoyingly amazing kids

I'm also impatiently waiting for the next seasons of The Walking Dead & Sons Of Anarchy. 

Replies are super slow right now, so If I haven't got back to you yet - I'm not ignoring you and I will reply when I can. Thanks =)

***Uploads are slow and I have no routine. I write when I can and upload when it's done.**

                                                                                 ~*~ Free Fall Life ~*~
                             Don’t pre plan life, just wing it and live; be spontaneous. Remember, sh*t happens, it’s life, but don’t let it be a barrier, don’t let it hold you back.
                                                                                            Quoted from my sister <3

MY PEEPS (the list keeps on growing!)

 @BlondesRTakingOver - My joint acc with Nessa - check it out (on hold)

My facebook (which I always forget about):


Mini Series

Mini Series

16 parts / 55 pages, updated Jul 26, 2013PG
This is a 'thank-you' for all the readers of She's One Of The Boys and She's On The Hunt. It will give short looks into the lives of Vance, Chris, Harper, Travis, Stevie, Brod... read more
795,007 reads votes 10,746 comments 1,581
Mia James

Mia James

7 parts / 31 pages, updated Oct 18, 2012PG
Mia was just a child when she was placed into the foster system along with her older brother Moss. One thing leads to another and they both head down the wrong tracks. Her childl... read more
54,948 reads votes 993 comments 157
Story Summaries

Story Summaries

1 page, updated Aug 25, 2012G
5,975 reads votes 51 comments 81
She's On The Hunt - (Book 2 of SOOTB's)

She's On The Hunt - (Book 2 of SOOTB's)

41 parts / 216 pages, updated May 17, 2012PGCompleted
Eva and Saxon are finally a mated couple but nothing is ever simple for them. Instead of settling down and doing things the normal way, they are off... read more
7,741,782 reads votes 97,133 comments 12,099
Never Let Go - (Book 2 of NBTSA)

Never Let Go - (Book 2 of NBTSA)

42 parts / 254 pages, updated Dec 29, 2011PG-13Completed
Amberly, Dougy and Phil have been away for the past eight months, dealing with everything that has happened but now they are back. New alliances are formed and... read more
1,475,732 reads votes 18,525 comments 3,212
Who Needs Fairy Dust (teaser)

Who Needs Fairy Dust (teaser)

3 pages, updated Dec 08, 2011PGCompleted
Kitty was working at her local pub when her life was turned upside down. Witnessing a murder scene that causes her to question her outlook on life, she turns r... read more
9,539 reads votes 121 comments 21
She's One Of The Boys

She's One Of The Boys

47 parts / 239 pages, updated Jun 21, 2011PG-13Completed
Secrets do not stay hidden for long. Have you ever had a secret that you would do anything to keep from your own family? Coming home from being at boarding school... read more
17,524,935 reads votes 192,206 comments 21,835
She's One Of The Boys - adult chapter

She's One Of The Boys - adult chapter

4 pages, updated Jun 02, 2011RCompleted
163,748 reads votes 3,134 comments 565
Never Be The Same Again - (Editing)

Never Be The Same Again - (Editing)

41 parts / 193 pages, updated Apr 24, 2011PG-13Completed
Family is everything and I plan to keep mine alive. In a world full of violence, it takes a certain type of person to survive. Pain, anguish, death, and ... read more
2,508,916 reads votes 24,983 comments 2,349
No More Stories Please!

No More Stories Please!

1 page, updated Mar 23, 2011GCompleted
13,163 reads votes 128 comments 506
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