The Gangleader Paction by AverageClicheGirl42
The Gangleader Pactionby Cupid Repellent
It's the middle of the night and it has finally come to your attention that you have mercilessly devoured the last of your Ben and Jerry's, leaving none for an intense m...
  • cute
  • paction
  • funny
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The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓ by diickbicycles
The Gangleader Kidnapped Me | ✓by ☪︎ ♕ ملاك ♕ ☪︎
"You're an asshole," I blurted. "You're such an asshole that your actual asshole is jealous." Silence. What the hell did I just say? Out of all the...
  • valentino
  • wattys2016
  • angelz
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The crazy girl by The-Weird-Side
The crazy girlby Girl meets weird
"So anyone have any pets?" I say rather loudly that an old lady turns around and gives me a look as if to say 'go smash your face into a wall multiple times, p...
  • weird
  • gắng
  • crafty
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You Are In Hell Boys ✔ by Nadineat2
You Are In Hell Boys ✔by Nadine AT
[You should read the first book : Welcome to hell boys, but it's not a must ] Imagine this ~ You are walking down the street, holding a bag that's full of Oreos for you...
  • sarcastic
  • pranks
  • twins
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Kidnapped In My Unicorn Onesie by tepigforlife
Kidnapped In My Unicorn Onesieby tepigforlife
"Chilling in my comfy onesie! Chilling, chilling, chilling in my unicorn onesie!" I sang while doing a little dance. Then I heard laughing behind me. "Wh...
  • cacapoopyhead
  • kidnapped
  • maya
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Not yours to keep (complete) by paris2445
Not yours to keep (complete)by Emma the cow lord!
HIGHEST RANKING IN HUMOR #18 vanessa is lets see?...special ah who am i kidding she is crazy a wild card does what she wants when she wants. common sense is not a word i...
  • teenager
  • adventure
  • gangleader
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Kidnapped by NeaNWeirdo
Kidnappedby ♦Kate♦
Avianna Dallas was just dancing in a T-shirt in her underwear dancing along to Despacito when she sees something she shouldn't have seen. Moments later, three handsome g...
  • weird
  • kidnapped
  • hotguys
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Oh Yay! We've Been Kidnapped! by Amaya_Burke
Oh Yay! We've Been Kidnapped!by Amaya_Burke
(Completed) Sophie and Amaya get kidnapped by one of Australia's most fearful gangs. But are they really that scary? (Use to be The Girl With The Summer Blues) Highest r...
  • kidnapped
  • awesome
  • hilarious
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Kidnapped and running with the bad boys  by yahgurll
Kidnapped and running with the Sextingwbu
What would you do if you were kidnapped by the bad boys ?
  • mysterygirl
  • wattys2017
  • firststory
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Donald Trump X Dora the Explorer | ✔️ by amberiscool333
Donald Trump X Dora the Explorer | ♡Raven♡
Still a better love story than Twilight.
  • stupid
  • horror
  • doratheexplorer
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Jeff The Killer x reader by miaharmsen
Jeff The Killer x readerby MiaHarmsen
Your a normal girl but then you see him.............again.
  • xreader
  • jeffthekiller
  • romace
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Not Your Average Football Girl by jeadeaday
Not Your Average Football Girlby Judea Perez
Kaeleah looks like the type of person you would consider a cheerleader. If you hadn't known her for a long time you would describe her as a cheerful, happy, and preppy t...
  • football
  • best-friends
  • romance
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Besides Being Werewolves, They're Weird, Rude, Confusing, and Clingy by VersionTwoPointOh
Besides Being Werewolves, They' Alexis Harris
Alicia Lindros just wanted to make it through her Junior year, but never expected a Group--rather Pack--of boys to change her life completely until a twisted story and p...
  • baby
  • stupid
  • bikini
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The Gangleader's  Love by _Call_Me_Sparkles_
The Gangleader's Loveby _Call_Me_Sparkles_
Meet Allison Grey the crazy, weird, loud, happy and sarcastic teenager She's your typical 15 year old Highschool girl. Meet Andrew Valdez not only is he the complete opp...
  • crazy
  • badboys
  • badass
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Strange Wolf by SuicidalQueenRules
Strange Wolfby Lee-Ann
Ryan, short, short tempered, strange. Ryan is the only wolf in his pack, that can not shift. He is already over 18, and everybody shuns him because of it. The Rouge King...
  • love
  • random
  • gay
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Oh My brothers-----SLOWLY EDITING----- by idk543118897
Oh My brothers-----SLOWLY 0l1v1a
Some of this story won't make any sense after the first few chapters because things are being turned around and changed so if you want to read the whole story then I adv...
  • fanfiction
  • older
  • action
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Comeback Queen by tepigforlife
Comeback Queenby tepigforlife
"I hate you." He scowled. "Well, I never said you had to like me, now did I?" I said sassily.He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms across his ches...
  • humor
  • weird
  • dominic
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The messed up world (Lesbian Story) by Rikkihere
The messed up world (Lesbian Story)by Rikki
Y'all demanded a weird, perverted, ALL GIRL, story. So here goes.. In this story, Melody gets taken when she gets drugged at a bar. She wakes up to a weird world. A perv...
  • funny
  • gross
  • weird
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Me And My Brothers by easyflowers
Me And My Brothersby Amna & Faith
Serina has 4 older brothers. They all are over protective,annoying,overprotective,did I say overprotective? Serina is going into her freshman year of highschool. What ha...
  • fiction
  • olderbrothers
  • whyme
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S. Academy by BacrackObama
S. Academyby It's Obama
S. Academy also known as Stafford Academy is not just a usual school. Of course there are classes like any other school would have and teachers like any other school wou...
  • teenfiction
  • sexualcontent
  • sexacademy
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