[***[EDITING]***] Dancing Styles (Harry Styles Fanfic) (Watty Awards 2012) by rinkadink
[***[EDITING]***] Dancing Styles (... by Lucy Fanfiction
For her 16th birthday, Lucy Martin received a "present" from her childhood bestfriend, Louis Tomlinson; she got to be a backup dancer for One Direction. Things...
One Direction Sick Fics 2 by Claricepayne
One Direction Sick Fics 2 by Clarice Crothers Fanfiction
Second book of one direction sick fics X Twitter @hipsterliam00 Instagram @niam_is_my_bae Tumblr @claricepayne archive of their own @claricepayne
Car Crash❤ (Colby Brock) by MckennaMolby
Car Crash❤ (Colby Brock) by F L Ø W E R Fanfiction
One car crash, with two unexpected strangers, that turns their entire lives, upside down. ❤ However it had saved her life
THE CRASH THAT MADE ME DIFFERENT (Niall Horan fic) by Claricepayne
THE CRASH THAT MADE ME DIFFERENT (... by Clarice Crothers Fanfiction
All the boys are on their way back from Nandos but what happens when a car crashes into Niall's door, will Niall be okay or not check my other books out and follow my so...
The Bad Boy Next Door- COMPLETED by unkn0wnx3
The Bad Boy Next Door- COMPLETED by Peter pan Teen Fiction
When Kylie loses everything and becomes pretty reckless shes sent to live with her aunt and her bestfriend Bobby thinking that things are going to be completely boring s...
Paralyzed by how_to_be_awkward101
Paralyzed by Manasa ChickLit
"You're a girl?!" He asked in disbelief. "No, I'm a panda," I said, sarcastically. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Jasper Banks is a girl who has...
The Hudson Boys by Megzyh
The Hudson Boys by Meg Hay Teen Fiction
It only takes a moment for everything to change and Maya Thompson knows this first hand. Sister, daughter and now supposed orphan. Maya's life is turned upside down whe...
Illegal Innocence (Student/Teacher Relationship) by RainySkky
Illegal Innocence (Student/Teacher... by Courtney Michaele Teen Fiction
What happens when you fall in love.... illegally? Do you avoid it, or continue with it? Avery Winters is facing that hard question, and doesn't know how to answer it. Wh...
The Crash- Dan x Reader by Youtubefanatic2442
The Crash- Dan x Reader by Lyssy Fanfiction
You started your youtube channel not long ago but gained so much fame so fast. You decide to move to London to meet more people in the youtube community and advance your...
My Brother's Worst Enemy by kmarias
My Brother's Worst Enemy by kmarias Werewolf
Karla Pride is a plain seventeen yr old girl with an average life. Her brother Chris andhis best friend Jason are the "IT" boys at their high school and Karla...
crash bandicoot x reader by whyworry143
crash bandicoot x reader by whyworry143 Fanfiction
yeahhhh it says it all in the title
My Billionaire Guardian Angels by rutimabe
My Billionaire Guardian Angels by rutimabe Romance
A six year old girl on an adventure of a lifetime with her best friend and her best friends family, suddenly it all becomes a nightmare. One fatal car accident, one miss...
Corruption [Reaper!Sans x Reader] by BlueJaysMama
Corruption [Reaper!Sans x Reader] by IWillNotLoveMe. Fanfiction
He was death. The end of everything. And you? Your soul, who had refused to accept death. You had been taken in by the goddess of life. ...
Double Identity by GreysonDrew
Double Identity by Greyson Drew Teen Fiction
“That was marvelous!” He said. “Great job, Frank. Or, should I say, Franchesca?” I took a deep breath. A very, very deep breath. “Oh my God,” Was the most intelligent th...
Confined by FullyAlive
Confined by Monica V. Teen Fiction
Evangeline Carter used to happy and content with her life. She had great parents, a sweet little sister, an annoying older brother, and awesome friends. Until a terrible...
Begin Again by samara_anne
Begin Again by samara Teen Fiction
Savannah Jacobs is a 17 year old girl who goes to school and does normal things. Well that's what everyone thinks. Four years ago she was in a coma for six months when s...
DP: Ghost Zone by HellsArchangel0
DP: Ghost Zone by Chris Fanfiction
The school was going on a trip to the Bermuda triangle to make their reports on it a little more exciting than websites and articles. Unfortunately, the planes engine fa...
Jacob Sartorius Dirty Gay Fanfiction by pimplord6969
Jacob Sartorius Dirty Gay Fanficti... by pimplord6969 Fanfiction
You and Jacob get stranded on a desert island and try to survive whilst also falling in love I don't own any of the characters, brands and locations in this story
Loved You First- A Larry Fanfic by sassylarrystylinson
Loved You First- A Larry Fanfic by Jennie Fanfiction
Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are best friends, but maybe they're secretly something more? When Louis gets a call from management his whole relationship with Harry ge...
My Unfortunate Fairytale with the Son of a Mafia Boss- ON HOLD!!!! by myheartscontent
My Unfortunate Fairytale with the... by Jackie Romance
Salara Kregan has lived a normal boring life, nothing seems to change except for the day that a stunningly gorgeous british guy walks into the diner she works at. But s...