His Healer by lightskined_princess
His Healerby Ari
David Brewster but known as Demon in the streets of Harlem. The biggest and the most feared drug lord life changes drastically. Just one night can change your life forev...
  • druglord
  • sexy
  • hate
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F*ck Fate! (Book 3) by jgirl113
F*ck Fate! (Book 3)by jgirl113
Shawn has given up on love. The one person he ever loved fell in love with someone else. When the two of them went off to live their lives together after graduating high...
  • boyfriend
  • wheelchair
  • fate
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Take My Hand ~Tracob AU~ by troyebixenvan
Take My Hand ~Tracob AU~by Happy Holigays
Troye is a quirky, introverted boy in a wheelchair with his dog, Tony as his best friend. When he decides to go outside (against all rules), he runs into Jacob Bixenman...
  • gay
  • boyxboy
  • romance
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Bridle Mistakes by PonyRocks
Bridle Mistakesby PonyRocks
13 year old Emmy loves horses. She lives on a ranch with her mom, dad, older sister Maddie, and little sister Addie. Not to mention a cute stable hand. She had an almost...
  • 13yearold
  • asthma
  • equestrian
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Paraplegic (COMPLETED) by TroyDearbourne
Paraplegic (COMPLETED)by TroyDearbourne
McKenzie is like any other teenage girl: makeup, parties, and boys. But when a horrific car wreck alters her life leaving her paralyzed and her best friend dead, she'll...
  • wheelchair
  • young
  • death
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Nina Cox Must Date by moudenes
Nina Cox Must Dateby Mara Oudenes
With the help of her best friend Taylor, vintage toy seller Nina Cox opens a dating profile to comply with her family's dare to go on ten dates. Dating in the geek world...
  • chicklit
  • wheelchair
  • sister
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Paralyzed by BDreamin13
Paralyzedby Westie905
This entire story is dedicated to @Lisa-stark8 who gave me the inspiration and permission to write this story. Paris Angelo had a heart disease. When his parents eventu...
  • bestfriends
  • wheelchair
  • paralyzed
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The Disabled Girl and the Player by VeronicaHua
The Disabled Girl and the Playerby Veronica Hua
Tori is short for Victoria Silver. She was in a car accident when she was 7 which caused her to be disabled. She is now a 17 year old girl in a wheelchair. With her disa...
  • wheelchairs
  • carcrashes
  • school
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My Helpless Roommate // h.s {Completed} by XxHarbeezxX
My Helpless Roommate // h.s {Compl...by Unicorn🌈
"انا مُتحمسه لـرُؤية شريكة سكني!" قالت بـحماس. "انا كذلك!" قال خليلها. "لحظه شريك غُرفتي رجل؟" سألت عندما فتحت باب الغُرفة ووجدت شاباً يجلس...
  • autumn
  • germany
  • zoella
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His Beautiful Mess by akosuafrimpong22
His Beautiful Messby Akosua Frimpong
••^^"Meek......obedient.....naive....plain....emotional....docile....I guess she will do." I heard him utter to himself and I was lost as to what he meant by t...
  • interracial
  • humor
  • freckles
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In the shadows(Larry Stylinson)✔️ by PierceWithKellic
In the shadows(Larry Stylinson)✔️by Erika Anestedt
Louis family haven't been okay in a long time... Two years ago his two sisters Jane and Frankie got in a car crash after been at a party... Jane died the day after in th...
  • love
  • soulmate
  • harry
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The girl with wheelchair  by jaedoen
The girl with wheelchair by jaedoen
Jennie cant walk she sit on wheelchair Lisa her new neighbor Lisa love discovering new things while Jennie afraid to go out her house And Lisa diced that she will let J...
  • angest
  • blackpink
  • cancer
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Life on Wheels  by DolphinRun99
Life on Wheels by DolphinRun99
Melissa has a terrible accident 2 weeks after her 16th birthday, and the outcome is less than ideal. the book follows her struggles, from family to complete strangers. S...
  • shopping
  • camp
  • disability
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Birdie {Completed} by PrincessKi1704
Birdie {Completed}by Ki<3
The Maple facility for young adults with disabilities. Cade's new home for as long as his parents want him there. This only makes it worse for Cade. He hates being in h...
  • love
  • player
  • senna
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Bound For Life (BoyxBoy) by Dollygrand
Bound For Life (BoyxBoy)by Dolly Grand
Jessie Houston had always loved the slopes. He had sponsors lined up and he was about to start his career as a professional boarder. He was fifteen, when he lost his bal...
  • handicap
  • romance
  • freethelgbt
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Wheelchair (polysanders) by SoftxRacoon
Wheelchair (polysanders)by Mx. Therapist
The new boy, Logan, is in a wheelchair. The always helpful Patton gladly volunteers to help him. Somehow, Logan is dragged into Patton's friend group that may or may not...
  • morality
  • virgil
  • gay
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Paralyzed by how_to_be_awkward101
Paralyzedby Manasa
*Highest rank #2 in Chicklit* "You're a girl?!" He asked in disbelief. "No, I'm a panda," I said, sarcastically. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ...
  • girlfriends
  • cliche
  • chicklit
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Glissade|| Jihope by squishy-jiminie
Glissade|| Jihopeby squishy-jiminie
Jimin- A boy who loved to dance until a harrowing accident had ended with him in a wheelchair. How is it that his brother's favorite group helps him to see the good in l...
  • kimtaehyung
  • yoongi
  • kimnamjoon
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Slow Burn....[BW/Biracial Man] by nikkib101
Slow Burn....[BW/Biracial Man]by Nicole Yvonne...
💥A New After Hours Release💥 *Available on Amazon now* Chantelle Athens is a paralyzed woman locked away from the world, due to her own accord. After a spontaneous car...
  • death
  • disability
  • interracial
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Unicorns On Wheels [Petekey] by HellaBrendon
Unicorns On Wheels [Petekey]by King Trash Mouth
(written in 2016) 2016/01/20 Sunday. If you really want to know about me, this first thing you'd want to read is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like...
  • frerard
  • petekey
  • wheelchair
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