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The Most Painful Things by DoodleMurph
The Most Painful Thingsby Tyler Caulton
Aiden's world changes forever when her best friend is diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. *Also, I personally think this story is a lot better if you read it all...
The Girl Who Wheeled  by Melanin3000
The Girl Who Wheeled by KOKS🔸☑️
Permanently bruised by a tragic accident, Melanie Martins felt useless. She was the girl who people stared at in public,the girl who didn't need a chair because she was...
Gentle, Please! [boyxboy] by Wxnderjxxny
Gentle, Please! [boyxboy]by Wxnderjxxny
Elliot Warren has a chronic disease. It all started back at the end of middle school. He started losing his steps in places no one else would. Then, he had problems movi...
Wheels by alexanderfaith99
Wheelsby A. Faith
Marley Nicole Price is a 17 year old misfit that just started her junior year at a new school, in a new state.
No Matter What by dreamsmadereal
No Matter Whatby Jess Gonzalez
Ayla Green and Connor Midnight are high school sweethearts. They have their whole lives planned out: she's going to be an astronaut, and he's going to be the greatest fo...
Half Broken and Scared by prettybrokenangel
Half Broken and Scaredby Syd
Luci Jordan. A 3 year old girl who knows neglect and hatred all too well. Abused by her biological parents in ways a 3 year old shouldn't. She just wants a mommy and dad...
In the shadows(Larry Stylinson)✔️ by PierceWithKellic
In the shadows(Larry Stylinson)✔️by PierceWithKellic
Louis family haven't been okay in a long time... Two years ago his two sisters Jane and Frankie got in a car crash after been at a party... Jane died the day after in th...
Renewal [Emmett Cullen] (1) by EmmettC
Renewal [Emmett Cullen] (1)by C
[COMPLETED] After an accident leaves 18 year old sporting star Eleanor in a wheelchair, her parents decide to relocate to Oakridge, Oregon to forget the trauma she endur...
Gold by rsneumann
Goldby rsneumann
Water polo.
Wheels Vkook by Countess200
Wheels Vkookby Countess200
Jungkook can't stay away from the boy in the wheelchair Vkook!
Paralysed By You (Dkbk) by OssieThe0celot
Paralysed By You (Dkbk)by LittleNight
Katsuki Bakugou got in an accident... They said it would be near impossible for him to move his legs again. He was paralysed from the waist down, he had to sit in a whee...
F*ck Fate! (Book 3) by jgirl113
F*ck Fate! (Book 3)by jgirl113
Shawn has given up on love. The one person he ever loved fell in love with someone else. When the two of them went off to live their lives together after graduating high...
Prongs on Wheels || Marauders Au by sarcasticremark
Prongs on Wheels || Marauders Auby sarcasticremark
An unfortunate accident early into the Marauders' sixth year at Hogwarts leaves the energetic and Quidditch-obsessed James Potter unable to walk. Without a cure in sight...
The Wheelchair Boy by CanIEatUtoo
The Wheelchair Boyby Divine Warrior
Anybody can do anything. Even the wheelchair boy.
Different >Nomin< by markchanislove
Different >Nomin<by markchanislove
Inspired by kdrama Strong women Boo Gom Soo ( only jaemin's character tho ) cuz I loved it so here I am actually writing a nomin story but with a biiiiiiiig twist which...
WHEELCHAIR [니키] ᴇɴ⁃ by dwlskysoo
WHEELCHAIR [니키] ᴇɴ⁃by thank you
A story of a girl was facing a critical accident in her life, was needed to be in the wheelchair because of the bad condition of her both legs. when everyone was leavi...
Her disabled friend by inosuke_12
Her disabled friendby Inosuke Senpai~
Iris is searching for someone who can be with her brother. Someone who can give him hope again. Zayne Davis is 22 now it's been 3 years since he got into that accident w...
As I Fell ✓ by beeyunxx
As I Fell ✓by beeyunxx
*CURRENTLY EDITING! This version may or may not contain harmful stereotypes and I had been meaning to revise them and change them so better messages are communicated. Al...
Eye of the Beholder [Completed] by mollysbooknook
Eye of the Beholder [Completed]by mollysbooknook
Karrington Walker is the sister of the infamous Brittany Walker. Brittany gets whatever she wants. Karrington works for what she has. Brittany has a gorgeous fiancé, Sam...
Their Paid Girl by ella_enchanted
Their Paid Girlby Ella
Shawna Roberts is the girl that every guy turns to when they need a fake date, a fake girlfriend, a fake fling to make some other girl jealous, a fake couple photo to se...