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incarcerated by theredviolin
incarceratedby scarlett
brett yang did not belong in prison. shy, sweet, and absolutely terrified, he wasn't anything like the other men in the place. he planned to do his time without making a...
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Edwina:  A Twoset Violin Fanfiction by Otter_Queen
Edwina: A Twoset Violin Fanfictionby Bailey
Eddy finds himself falling for Brett. But he isn't gay. Follow Eddy through a journey of sexuality, gender identity and pronouns.
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KEVEDD  COMICS by SkinnyBunny
Recopilación de cómics y mini cómics sobre Kevin y Edd que encuentre en la web. Ninguno me pertenece, créditos a quien corresponda.
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Charades by VargMoor
Charadesby VargMoor
Highest rankings in the past: - #1 at #Breddy - #1 at #Violin - #1 at #brettxeddy - #1 at #twosetter - #1 at #lingling40hours When playing charades, you can't talk about...
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distraction: you by twosetmeridian
distraction: youby merri
distractions are not high on eddy chen's priorities. when brett yang steps into his life, however, he might need to revise that mindset. • a breddy fanfic ; first meetin...
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Jawbreakers and Glasses by Arisa_Nightingale
Jawbreakers and Glassesby Arisa Nightingale
[Rev!Edd x Reader] Being brand new to a new city and a new neighborhood was already enough for you to handle. But when you caught the eye of the swimming captain whom al...
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[Edd X Eddy ]Can't you love me instead?  by Kitten1134
[Edd X Eddy ]Can't you love me ins...by The End Is Near
Edd x Eddy fanfiction: Eddy has always had a crush on his best friend ever since Kevin dared him to kiss Double D. He would simply ask him out, but there's just one thin...
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Two Violins, One Love, BAE by Ohmadou
Two Violins, One Love, BAEby Ohmadou
Brett & Eddy, The True Story. What really happened. How it all began. Will Brett dare call it by its name? Will he dare say the "R" word? He's missing Eddy w...
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What Happens Behind the Camera? by antxsxcxxlfxngxrl
What Happens Behind the Camera?by Genna
Twosetviolin BrettxEddy fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it.
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But What If It's Me? A Twoset Violin Fanfiction by Otter_Queen
But What If It's Me? A Twoset Viol...by Bailey
Brett has always been a patient friend. He's always willing to meet Eddy's new girlfriend. He sits through Eddy's 'I think I'm in love' phase. He supports Eddy throug...
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Right thing to do by Jackpotgirl
Right thing to doby jackpot girl
What is the right thing to do? Both Brett and Eddy are on their World tour as classical musicians. The pair are bound together by their friendship since they were young;...
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Step up all in: what happens next by dance__life__17
Step up all in: what happens nextby dance__life__17
STEP UP ALL IN. What I think happens after The Mob and LMNTRIX win the Vortex, and what will happen between Sean and Andie.
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Beanie Boy (Edd X Reader) by lemonlimegum
Beanie Boy (Edd X Reader)by lemonlimegum
You have a very hard life. Something dramatic happened when you were young and it gave you many nightmares and terrified thoughts. You are always bullied and no one dare...
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Enemies by kristakap
Enemiesby kristakap
Brett and Eddy are in college. Together. They don't know each other, but they do. (??) Brett doesn't like going to school, for more reasons you probably think. Eddy on...
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twoset violin imagines and oneshots by buckykenobi
twoset violin imagines and oneshotsby Natalie
A collection of Brett x reader and Eddy x reader short stories. Requests are open!!
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twosetviolin oneshots by JEN0SE
twosetviolin oneshotsby ღ
as you read from the title, this book is going to be a collection of oneshots of twosetviolin that I made myself. credits to: www.instagram.com/all.around.lecheflan.acc...
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Truth, Dare, or punishment-(Kevedd) by GiveAPennyToKenny
Truth, Dare, or punishment-(Kevedd)by Give-A-Penny-ToKenny
"You've gotta be kidding me Nat are you serious?" "Serious as a heart attack Kevin!" "I am not doing that. Especially not with Double Dweeb over...
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♡I Know you♡ _ Twosetviolin- BrettxEddy fanfiction by yakitako
♡I Know you♡ _ Twosetviolin- Brett...by N_a_n_o
(fic starts from chapter 2) Something happend before Brett and Eddy had a blind date. Eddy didn't know that behind the cute 3d paper bear mask was Brett. Enjoy my sto...
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Ed edd n Eddy preferences by recoverygoals
Ed edd n Eddy preferencesby кαтιє 🌻
Yes. I'm really doing this
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'tis the season (to love you) by twosetmeridian
'tis the season (to love you)by merri
In which Brett concocts a plan that is definitely foolproof, Eddy becomes weirdly overcommitted to this fake boyfriend thing, and the boys conduct a masterclass in actin...
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