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GAP NOVEL by blurrxzzz
GAP NOVELby joonie
*this story is not mine* Khun Sam, whose real rank is 'Mhom Luang'. A perfectionist lady of the highest class, in appearance, wealth and intelligence. She is also my ido...
Secretly Yours || FreenBecky by vivaciousgeek
Secretly Yours || FreenBeckyby deshu
Freen's life took an unexpected turn when she became embroiled in a scandalous video, prompting her fiancé Heng to send her far from the city's harsh scrutiny. Venturing...
PAIN & PEACE OF LOVE (Gap the series) by unknownamorist
PAIN & PEACE OF LOVE (Gap the The Unknown Writer
"I can never give you the world, Mon, because you're the world to me" - Khun Sam "You don't need to give me the world, just having you in my world makes i...
Behind the Scenes  by srch_rmstrng
Behind the Scenes by pau
What happens when all the cameras are gone? Is it really all just fan service? FreenBeck fanfic
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Bangkok High by aotg17
Bangkok Highby Avenger of the Gays
In a modern world where adults barely understand her, Freen has to face some new feelings about herself and her bully, Becca.
Midnight Memories by mysticlimey
Midnight Memoriesby arci
Midnight Memories, a #FreenBeckyAU "If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn't do, then baby I'm perfect for you." - Frances have always liked her...
Loving my enemy by freenbeck_fan
Loving my enemyby Proud
Two 19 year old girls who happened to be biggest rivals was force into an arrange marriage.
FreenBecky (one-shots) by callmesloane
FreenBecky (one-shots)by August
A collection of original FreenBecky one-shots.
YOU by urMurkIN
YOUby murkin
their first met was in a short vacation as a stangers and got closer until the end of SUMMER LOVE story, YOU story will be the continuation of SL where will show the ch...
And Then There Was You (FreenxBecky) by _uh_what
And Then There Was You ( No thanks
"There are 7 billion people in this world and then there was you. And you somehow became the most important one out of all those billions." Not my story. Conve...
Walk Of Life (Freenbecky's Version) by _uh_what
Walk Of Life (Freenbecky's Version)by No thanks
Not my story. Converted story by amusingbutconfusing, my favourite all the time. All credits goes to original author. Give it a try guys, it'll be a slow progress but it...
YOU BELONG WITH ME by FreenBecky_Story
YOU BELONG WITH MEby Boss_Master/22
meet Rebecca Armstrong 22 yrs old currently studying at the shinwa university school in 4th yr study BSBA , who has a super crush on the famous basketball player Freen c...
Spotlight by MaxAndDust
Spotlightby Dream Writer
What will you choose between love and fame? This is the question that the phenomenal young star Rebecca Armstrong confuses her when she met an unexpected person that mak...
Crashing In To You ( Freen x Becky) by _uh_what
Crashing In To You ( Freen x Becky)by No thanks
I do not own this story. All credits goes to the author.
Statue by Micconnah
Statueby connah💐
ADLK Lorelei - "How long will you stay with me? " Angel - "How long do you want me to stay? " Lorelei - "Forever You Promise 🥺❤" ENGLOT Fr...
Loving You, Feels Wrong. (Freen x Becky x Billy) by _uh_what
Loving You, Feels Wrong. (Freen No thanks
Not my story, Converted for your escape. All credits goes to the author.
Regrets by cjaxxx
Regretsby cjaxxx
"It was when I saw you in somenone else's arms that I came to realize what I've lost and how big of a coward I am" This is a short FreenBecky fiction story tha...
My Lady....(Freenbecky) by artwomyn
My Lady....(Freenbecky)by Rimpa Debnath
This is a draft idea for my new story. This idea just came into my mind. Didn't wanted to forget it so I wrote it down. Bow I am insecure so I am publishing it so I can...
Two different world by xtineo9
Two different worldby xtine
Freen's part of the most popular crew in Diversity University while Becky works in a fast-food. They'll soon get to know each other, but what will happen with the collis...
Miss President is a Cry baby by LilyDemairo
Miss President is a Cry babyby LilyDemairo
After graduating, Becky became an intern at a company. The atmosphere in the company was nice, the work was relaxing, her coworkers all took care of her, except for her...