(COMPLETED) Above It All (Love and Abuse Novel) by chocolate_dimplez
Tame My Heart... Or Else by nessie64
Tame My Heart... Or Else by nessie64 Werewolf
Liza has always been shy, afraid of being noticed. As a new school year starts though, she is forced to face unanswered questions. Why did all her friends move so sudden...
Sugar Babe [Completed] by WeAreAHurricane
Sugar Babe [Completed] by WeAreAHurricane Teen Fiction
Ever had Ramen Noodles for an entire month? Lilly Fenster has and she's tired of it. Which is why she ends up managing the fashion industry's hottest Brazilian model. Lu...
ROBLOX IDS by erickaterry15
ROBLOX IDS by erickaterry15 Random
this is song ids for roblox
the year I became pretty. . . (everlark) by LCDANCER9
the year I became pretty. . . (eve... by Brunette Barbie Fanfiction
pretty. it's the word society uses to describe those who are attractive. I, Katniss, have never been called that. except my family. I was a nerd, geek, always reading or...
His slave by dancemad12
His slave by Alicia Vampire
In the city of Alsandair when the oldest daughter or son turns 17 they are taken away from their families and are forced to become a slaves to vampires. So when Claire t...
Outfits and Description Book by xrevolutionwriterx
Outfits and Description Book by Cara Fanfiction
This is the outfits and descriptions of things from my books and all of my book from present and the near future. Enjoy!!! Check out My Little Red!! Cover by: @head_bi...
A Girl In An All-Boys' School. Mismatch. by Kysherz
A Girl In An All-Boys' School. Mis... by Kysherz Teen Fiction
Chloe Reyes enters Cadoan Academy, an all-boys' school just to stay with Kevin Leighner, her best childhood friend. They had always been together since five so she was w...
The Player Bet by Naooomi_
The Player Bet by Naomi Teen Fiction
"When his lips met mine it was like a fire burning inside me was finally let out. I had experienced many of his kisses before, yet none were filled with so much pas...
My fetishs  by wedgiez
My fetishs by TheTruthHurts6 Random
Here are my 4 personal fetishs
Dancing Alone (DI1D Sequel) by curly1718
Dancing Alone (DI1D Sequel) by Shelby Fanfiction
It's been almost five months since Kora was forced out of London and had to move back to New York. She hates her life there almost as much as she hates her mom for forci...
Trust Issues [Justin Bieber Love Story] by JustinAusBieber
Trust Issues [Justin Bieber Love S... by JustinAusBieber Fanfiction
Sasha Skies was over getting her heart broken by boys she thought she loved. After getting dumped at prom she swears to herself that she will never fall for another boy...
Material Girl• Abel Tesfaye || FanFic by beloved_gabrielle
Closets Are For Clothes [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Closets Are For Clothes [boyxboy] by Jen Humor
Maxwell Quincy is your average 16 year old. The only problem? Max is secretly gay and in love with his straight best friend Noah. Max must now struggle with his feelings...
Wolves in the Woods (Complete) by nightcat
Wolves in the Woods (Complete) by Kes Osborne Fantasy
Casee is a misfit, a complete fluke, and she is on the run for more than just her life; she is running for her freedom. Her father, a powerful Alpha, who rules with fear...
♡ littlespace outfits ♡ by phils_horny_bum
♡ littlespace outfits ♡ by Me Random
A book of outfits that I make for littles. No images belong to me, unless stated, credit to all rightful owners
My Secret Identity by purple13
My Secret Identity by Leah Teen Fiction
"Hey!" I yelled. He turned around and looked at me. "What?" he asked, sarcastically. "You know what" I moaned. "You were meant to kiss...
Being The Only Girl In An All Boys School. . . Enough Said by horses654
Being The Only Girl In An All Boys... by Clair Teen Fiction
Ashley Pesler has been a bad girl ever since her ex-boyfriend Ian broke her heart two years ago. Ever since then Ash has been unable to hold down a school, in fact, shes...
Clothes and Weapon Adoptables  by Sundrop23
Clothes and Weapon Adoptables by Akagami Crossovers Random
Clothes, weapons and more for OCs!
No Words (Conor Maynard Fan Fiction) by Sav_Thatsme_TW
No Words (Conor Maynard Fan Fictio... by Savannah Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] After a terrible accident, Kate is forced to move from her home in Dublin to Brighton. Kate feels as if nothing would ever get better, until she meets Conor...