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Closets Are For Clothes [boyxboy]

Closets Are For Clothes [boyxboy]

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Jen By SkeneKidz Completed

Maxwell Quincy is your average 16 year old. The only problem? Max is secretly gay and in love with his straight best friend Noah. Max must now struggle with his feelings for Noah as he desperately tries to keep being gay a secret. But when his secret gets out, Max's whole life is changed. Will Max ever be with Noah?

I'm bisexual and I'm confused about a lotta shît but who I find sexy and who I don't, is not one of those things are, math on the other hand, yes, I'm VERY confused about that 😂😂
How can you freaking think this guy ISNT gay? Seriously! He calls you Maxi...
if you are bisexual you are not curious, curious would be unidentified.
That paragraph applies ro my the word "same" can not be more clear
Don't u just hate when a guy u like is straight...but then u realize that u have imagination...a few thoughts later...then u realuze ur lonely
Welp, I didn't think the credits would be rolling this early.