You can ask me any questions, either here or on my tumblr (

A bit about me:
-I'm 18
-I love reading books, making/watching movies, writing, and eating.
-I'm vegetarian
-My favorite animal is a hedgehog
-I do yoga, I rock climb, and I belly dance
-I'm a pacifist
-I play guitar.
-I have been to 5/7 of the continents. I haven't gone to South America or Antarctica.




-10 [✘]
-50 [✘]
-100 [✘]
-500 []
-1000 []


-10 [✘]
-50 [✘]
-100 [✘]
-500 [✘]
-1000 [✘]

What's Hot

-Get on[✘]
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LuckyDay LuckyDay Oct 06, 2013 11:53PM
My friend wrote and published a book, "Teen Wisdom and Other Oxymorons". You guys should check it out!
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