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Kidnapped by a Vampire by xxDaisyxCakesxx
Kidnapped by a Vampireby Perrie Edwards
Abigail Anderson is a young girl who is very stubborn but will she meet her match when she bumps into hot vampire Chester Williams who is just as stubborn if not more. W...
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The Dr Pepper Effect by everafter228
The Dr Pepper Effectby everafter228
What's the worst that can happen? Turns out a lot actually! Jade Wallis doesn't exactly try to get in the middle of conflict but her act first think later attitude is a...
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Courage -a naruto fanfiction- by fire_sky
Courage -a naruto fanfiction-by Sky Hays
{EDIT}: starting at chapter 31, the writing style and direction of this fan fiction will change. In the future I'm planning on rewriting the story as a whole, but that w...
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My Neighbors One Direction *ON HOLD* by ArianaTheDancer
My Neighbors One Direction *ON ArianaTheDancer
Since California beauty Vanessa Fontaine moved to England, people have been telling her they wished they had her life. Having One Direction as next door neighbors was th...
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Flawed by simran27988
Flawedby simran27988
'Life can never be perfect.Perfection in itself is an illusion'. Perfect, such a simple word. People crave it,acknowledge its greatness though not a soul is able to atta...
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My Secret Identity by purple13
My Secret Identityby Leah
"Hey!" I yelled. He turned around and looked at me. "What?" he asked, sarcastically. "You know what" I moaned. "You were meant to kiss...
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The Designer's Daughter- (Olly Murs Fanfic) by OllyMursFansIG
The Designer's Daughter- (Olly elizabeth
[EDITING] Skylar considers herself lucky. She has a roof over her head, food on the table, and clothes on her back. But another thing she has, is a fashion designer for...
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A English girl in America: Faced with the school player: a disaster waiting to happen. by Passion4reading
A English girl in America: Faced Katie Brown
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Happily Ever After (One Shots) CLOSED by ThePotterPrincess
Happily Ever After (One Shots) ThePotterPrincess
Ever thought Harry Potter was hot? Ron could be romantic? Stefan could be sexy? Draco was dreamy and Damon wasn't all deadly? Well, here is YOUR life in Hogwarts and...
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The Unexpected by _spencergraves
The Unexpectedby Spencer
What would you do if your parents were murdered? What would your reaction be? Chloe Angel watched as her parents were murdered by a masked man. Chloe started to smile...
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Isn't She Lovely? (Harry Styles Fanfic) by ticklingzayn
Isn't She Lovely? (Harry Styles Bailey
Lindsay has just turned 18 and finally went to her first One Direction concert. But something happened there, she met someone. In a short notice Harry invites Lindsay to...
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Hi, Mr Shadow by malin87
Hi, Mr Shadowby Malin
What happens when a shadow falls in love with its owner? They have to watch the one they love live its whole life till death, unnoticed. A very painful lovestory. This s...
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50 Ways to Annoy People (and other time-wasting activities!) by mkzzymegs
50 Ways to Annoy People (and Princess Leia
THIS BOOK IS RATED R FOR EXTREME AWSOMENESS, ANNOYINGNESS AND FARTS. Haha, JK. Do you need something to do? Are you bored out of your mind? Read this book!!!! OMG RANDO...
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My brother's best friend kiss by Metv12
My brother's best friend kissby Jacquie Rowell
Arabella was the average girl who biggest worry was who to date and avoiding "The Fates". That is untill her father decided to sell her off to Ethan Delica, as...
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Memories (UP FOR WATTY AWARDS) by dAmPhIrNmOrOiLuVeR
Memories (UP FOR WATTY AWARDS)by A (Pronounced Haiiiiiii;)
Maria was born from a rich family. She had everything she ever wanted except her parent's love. They treated her like a puppy, only to be watched over for so long. They...
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Best friends. Separated by fame. Reunited. What could go wrong? by BlondeBabe12399
Best friends. Separated by fame. Princess
What will happen when the famous Justin Bieber returns home to visit family and old pals, but he comes to realize that he has deeper feelings for his best friend, Sarah...
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Pregnancy clothes by aldo40wilber
Pregnancy clothesby aldo40wilber
Going Mental by CordelliaXD
Going Mentalby Cordelia
Karen is a sixteen year old runaway child, her stepfather works in the railways and her step mother is a serial killer, or at least she seems. What do your parents do wh...
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For Expecting Mothers Back Support Belt by MelissaMoe
For Expecting Mothers Back Melissa Moe
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