The Hybrid

The Hybrid

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Published to Wattpad: 22/01/17
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He growled darkly, making me uneasy at the sound. A weak whimper escaped my lips when he slammed his hands on the wall behind me and leaned closer to my face. "If I have to tie you to the f*cking bed I will do just that but you are never leaving me." 

"V-Vulcan...let m-me g-go." I croaked, my throat suddenly becoming dry at the look he was giving me. It was almost like he was ready to pounce and devour me whole but instead, he chose to drag it out and make me sweat, he wanted to play a game that had me running for the hills in the end.

My back arched when he rained kisses down my neck, paying close attention to an area which had me aching for more. His lips peppered the area where my neck meets my shoulder, biting and sucking as if marking his territory. 

He dipped low and pressed his lips to my cheek in a gentle manner; one that had me closing my eyes and savoring the moment. His husky, deep voice that always made me shiver in pleasure cut through the thick air like a knife, warm breath blowing onto my ear as he uttered a sentence that I knew was full of promises and underlying threats of consequences should I choose to disobey.

"You will not leave me. Not today...nor tomorrow...never."

Vulcan Romanov has a secret. 

One so deadly, it could cost him his life. 
His tragic past molded him into a harsh and ruthless Alpha and an even more merciless monster who kills in cold blood. 

But then he meets her.
Aurora Maxwell; a spitfire of a woman full of innocence and spirit who awakens the beast inside him. 

Deep down, Vulcan just wants someone to love him wholeheartedly. 

Will Aurora be that girl when she learns of his past? Or will she run for the hills and never look back or stay and love the beast?

Join in on the ride and live through the tale of two lovers from Aurora's eyes.

YuraimaF YuraimaF 3 days ago
I live in London and I have that southern London accent (which is faaar from posh) 😂
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.........I'm a sadist but I prefer physical rather than verbal
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Why do i feel like im gonna be heartbroken at the end of this...?
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I wish I could write that on my homework, sadly the teacher won't accept 😝
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It will be much easier to read it in the Russian letters.. this makes me so confused, I'm not used to this🤔🤔
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I've been through Airport security hundreds of time, and thankfully no one has ever checked for my bra. I can picture how embarrassing that would be.