Cole's Girl • Werewolf,BWWM [Complete]

Cole's Girl • Werewolf,BWWM [Complete]

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Her words still linger in my head

My mind wanders off to thinking about her

Her natural thick chocolate curls. 

Her Carmel skin. Her beautiful  melanin. 

Her mocha eyes that shines with happiness and love. 

Love;I love her.

"No your not! The real Cole wouldn't abandon me randomly one day! --The real Cole wouldn't bully me every single minute of my life until my breaking point! --The real Cole wouldn't go out drinking every night and sleep with a new girl every week!--The real Cole would  do anything to protect me; Not go ditch me like I was gum under your $175 Guicci Flip Flops! --The real Cole would love me until my dying moment. And I actually thought I loved you?!" I remember her screaming at me

She loved me. Well not anymore. 

Tears streamed down her angelic face like a wild river. Her brown eyes were blood shot for all the crying. Even when she was crying, she still looked beautiful to me. 

I wanted to take away all the pain and sadnesses she had. I want to grab her and hug her close to me; having her all to myself forever. 

I always imagined falling in more love with her, getting married, taking care of the Pack, having pups, growing old, and dying together. 

A loud honk from the car behind me woke me up from my day dream; I didn't realize that the red light turned green. I run my hands through my hair and turned the music up higher. Bryson tiller's song "Don't" filled the car. 

She's right 

My hands tighten on the leather steering wheel turning my knuckles white. 

My foot pressed on the gas, making the car go faster  


Tears started to fill my eyes blurring my vision 

I don't need her 


I don't need her 


Tears fall fast down my face 


I don't need her 

Trees and signs quickly past by me as I speed down the empty road 


Then my car slams right into a large oak tree

"I need her" I whisper as my body goes numb. 

Even though I'm seconds from dying. I still think about her. 

Alexis Anderson.