Her Safe Haven

Her Safe Haven

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girlmoon21 By girlmoon21 Updated May 25, 2019

"For him, she was adrenaline."

Winter McHalen seemed to have everything: parents who owned a multi-billion dollar company, two handsome brothers who just happened to get the loving-brothers genes, and a ridiculously beautiful look. 
One summer afternoon, however, a six-year-old Winter was kidnapped by her father's former rival and was traumatised into being mute. Ten years later, the current sixteen-year-old Winter still struggled to come to terms with her dark past.

When she crossed path with the mysterious Rohan Garrison: heir to neighbouring international corporation, student council president, and a perfect gentleman who seemed to be harbouring much more secrets behind his stoic facade; the two kept finding themselves tumbling into each other's lives - with or without their own wills.

He was aloof yet affable, she was bold yet reserved; he was neither a protector nor predator, she was neither a badass nor damsel-in-distress; but they were two qualities - both coexisting at the same time and were unpredictable variables in each other's lives.

And they both didn't know whether to like or despise it.

Watch Winter as she journeyed into adulthood and tried to get back the voice which she lost. With both existing as naturally opposing forces, could Rohan - with the help of her family, friends, and possibly other love interests - save Winter from her past, or will she be trapped forever in her affliction?

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