Escaping Rejection (#Wattys 2016)

Escaping Rejection (#Wattys 2016)

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Krishna By KrisWinterella Updated 4 days ago

"What's going on?" I whisper, rubbing my nose, fear evident in my tone.

No one replied as their eyes were locked in on seven wolves blocking the road, their angry eyes locked in on their target : me. One wolf in particular stood out from the rest, his golden eyes showing a tide of emotions ranging from lust to anger to repulsion and was that sadness? He barred his canines at me, asking me to come out and surrender to him.

"Zayden." I managed to choke out the name of my mate.
His eyes locked into mine, holding me captive.

My mate, who so badly wanted to reject me, a stubborn girl who was trying her best to escape rejection.

Zayden , Alpha of DawnBlood pack has waited for years to meet his mate. Someone who would love him unconditionally , bring a smile to his face and most importantly , give him hope in his existence. But all that goes down the drain when he learns that his mate is the daughter of the very people who ruined his life and made him the person he is today. Will he ever be able to leave her lineage behind and learn to love her? Will she be the one to give him the happy ending that he thought he deserved?
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