Sorry, Alpha

Sorry, Alpha

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The world of the supernatural was kept from humans since the begin of time. there where so many different types of supernatural creatures, from werewolves, witches and whatever else you would find in fairy tails. I grew up  with these stories, but they weren't stories they where my family's history. My family are werewolves, ever signal one of them forms into a wolf whenever they need, but me. 
I am Navy Winchester, I am the only human in my family, my pack. Everyone treats me differently because of it but I grew to ignore it.
My uncle it the Alpha of are pack, Blue Forest. It was one of the larger packs in the east coast, but we were not the strongest. 
Moon Blood was the strongest and most feared pack in the supernatural world. They where known for their ruthlessness and their large numbers of warriors. Their Alpha is said to be a Lycan. Its like a werewolf but on steroids.There aren't many left because at a pint everyone wanted them dead because they so blood thirty.  

What happens when the sweet small human girl ends up being mates with the most deadliest alpha there is? Would he reject her? Will she accept him?

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Alicenight127 Alicenight127 Feb 05, 2017
I love you too, and I love you too, and I love you too, but I know, but it was a terrible, but the only thing I got marked down to the mall by myself. I love you h^^^^^^^Hehe /. the only thing .
hayleyb318 hayleyb318 May 02, 2016
Hello, yes queen bitch, yeah ur seat is over there, in the trash, where u belong.
nicolehowell34 nicolehowell34 Jul 04, 2016
Have you ever heard of slapping? No? Here I'll show you..*slaps the bitch*
702traviesa 702traviesa Jan 13, 2016
So that proves the fact that wolves can have human mates. Also explains the question about not knowing why she was human. Wellll duh ur grandma is human.
iammrsmarvel iammrsmarvel Dec 06, 2015
this is a pretty amazing story already great job I can tell that this is already go to be an amazing book :)
GabiFellis GabiFellis Nov 23, 2015
I've only read like 4 pages and I love this book already.        WELL DONE