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Lycan (The First Installment Of The Lycan Series)

Lycan (The First Installment Of The Lycan Series)

13.9M Reads 424K Votes 33 Part Story
Queen Of Cliffhangers By SilverStream22 Completed

Highest Ranking: General Fiction #2 // Werewolf: #2
He's the reason werewolves lock their doors.

She's the reason that they feel safe around him.

Katya is a werewolf who runs the pack with her older brother, but when rogue clans threaten them from all around- they have no choice but to issue a meeting with a race that is superior in the werewolf world; Lycans. They represent the ultimate form of a werewolf, built for speed, agility and strength- they are a force beyond reckoning. Attending the meeting with her brother, Katya comes across the last person she thought she would meet- Stark Xerxes, the acclaimed "Alpha of the Lycans" But that's not the end of it: she's his mate.

Stark Xerxes is incapable of love, or so he thought. Struggling between his dark and haunting past and the ever-so beautiful present, he finds himself at a crossroads. Give Katya himself, broken and bruised? Or wait until the right moment? Unfortunately for Stark, his past is not only haunting him, but catching up to him. An old rival seeks revenge against Stark, and he's set on Katya as his target.

Highest Ranking: General Fiction #2 // Werewolf: #2


Hey papa stark shouldn't you be raisin your son peter Parker?
loya_Aa loya_Aa Apr 25
Everyone in the comment section be like "bish u thought" and I'm here wondering "how do u spell Xerxes?"🤔
Gonegirlwho Gonegirlwho May 11
Merida, Tiana, Pocahontas, Mulan, Moana and even Elsa are the best princesses as their love interests are either side characters, non-existent or put in their place by the strong female lead.
Oh my god Ned Stark you better get back to kings landing, winter is coming bruh
I think the little girl's name is just Marie but for some reason the main oc calls her Madam, Missus, AND Milady probably to like be playful because Marie seems to be a child
Ima need a blunt if she's gonna be like this the whole book tbh