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Dc Comic One Shots

Dc Comic One Shots

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Space Dad By tacoreo77 Updated 3 days ago

This book is filled with one shots from Superman to the Joker. 
      Check my account page for information about updates and such!

      None of the art is mine. 

      Slow updates. 
 #144 in Fanfic 2/10/17
 #157 in Fanfic 2/8/17

Aquababe44 Aquababe44 Nov 15, 2016
Can you please do one with Aqualad season 2 but instead of Artemis being "killed" it would be the reader? My baby is so Underappreciated
Miss_Kuro_Neko Miss_Kuro_Neko Nov 27, 2016
Red Hood please, but can I request it as a lemon? I just wanna see his abs...*smiling like an idiot*
CedarWood120 CedarWood120 Nov 18, 2016
blue beetle lemon
                              so they get a love potion and liking each other from impulse and robin