Dc Comics One Shots

Dc Comics One Shots

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chimichangaMann By chimichangaMann Updated 3 days ago

This book is filled with one shots from Agent 37 to the Poison Ivy. 
→ Author: tacoreo77
→ Co-Author: IchiCMonarch and PrincessStarWars

Cringe Warning!

 #56 in Fanfic 5/5/17
 #66 in Fanfic 3/30/17

alright I know everything about everybody except agent 37 so somebody wanna give me a backstory and rundown on the character?
Umm.. do you do any Slade Wilsons/Deathstroke, he's the only one that I'll accept a fluff with, with Joker it seems out of character..
VinzTea15 VinzTea15 Apr 17
Request? Do u do for example Blue beetle x oc? Or is it easier to do just reader?
Can you please do a JokerXHarleyXReader? Like a love triangle with endings for them both?
could you do a nightwing x red hood/ dick x jason relationshipy thing?
Can you do an Aqualad x Reader where the reader is his little sister and he's introducing her to the team after he comes back from being evil. The reader is also an Atlantean. @tacoreo77