Marvel and DC Imagines

Marvel and DC Imagines

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emotionally unstable By Owl_fandom17 Updated 13 hours ago

A lot of heartbreak... And a few fluff.

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Owl_fandom17 Owl_fandom17 Sep 03, 2016
My description is very deceiving. It says there's no lemons/smut but there's some that are very close. 😅😂 Oh well.
WillieNillieFlys WillieNillieFlys Aug 22, 2016
Can you do some more Clark Kent ones? Please? Those and the Bruce Wayne ones are my favorite!
scoutw25 scoutw25 Aug 28, 2016
What's funny is I was listening to Pandora and A Thousands Years by Christian Perri came on😂😍
padfootrouble padfootrouble Sep 01, 2016
Please do more Peter Parker x Readers. :D I love your book! ❤
You go girl if that big pile of merlins shucking shist doesn't see what he has don't bother!
WillieNillieFlys WillieNillieFlys Aug 22, 2016
I liked them both so which ever you choose too keep is fine! 😄