The Stalker #wattys2016

The Stalker #wattys2016

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"M-Michael?" I stuttered 

He smirked then chuckled at me. 

"You didn't think I would find you? Did you?" He smirked.

"I-I..." I was shocked. How did he find me? 

His smirk turned to a serious and intimidating one. He started walking towards me in long strides. I turned around and started running, but didn't get very far when I felt hands wrap around my waist. 

"Let me go!" He chuckled and whispered in my ear, "I'll never let you go again princess." 

I felt tears sting my eyes and blur my vision. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "No!" I cried and banged on his solid back. I saw that he was leading me towards his car. "No! Michael don't! Please don't!"

He chuckled, "you won't be saying that for long baby girl."

He put me down easily and caged me in. My back on the car door and his hands on the roof of the car. His warm minty breath fanned across my face. He brought his face down to my neck and started kissing. I squirmed to get out, but he brought his hands down to my hips to hold me in place. 

He brought his head up to look me in the eyes and brought both his hands up to my face. "I love you baby girl." He opened the back door, where the windows are tinted. "Get in." He said 

I looked to the door then him and shook my head. He narrowed his eyes at me and they instantly turned darker. He grabbed my arm roughly and threw me in. I landed on my stomach and I looked back to see Michael coming in a bit. I turned to look at the door in front of me and I moved up and tried to open it. I tugged and tugged and then I heard chuckling behind me. "Aren't child safety locks great baby girl?" He smirked at me. I felt tears run down my cheeks. He pulled my arm so I was close to him again. He wiped away my tears with his thumb. "Don't cry baby, please, you know it breaks my heart to see you hurt."

"Then l-let me go.

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The story is good but You are making a lot of mistakes which is a little annoying could you fix that please?
unasnow unasnow May 10, 2017
Really Lucy Hale loving English classes, who would have wondered about that.😏😏
DatsRealGayGrandad DatsRealGayGrandad Mar 15, 2017
That one song just popped in my head... it's by nicki 'my name Barbie biitch my name Barbie biitch' 😂😂😍
Nightturned Nightturned Jul 01, 2017
Ah I see it's okay for girls to body shame each other and have it be tolerable. Okay, noted.
sabog7434 sabog7434 Jan 01
Yay!!! Name name is Grace and everyone calls me Gracie and I'm like 5'7-8' too!! Meant to be 😭❤️️❤️️
12AliCat6 12AliCat6 Dec 27, 2017
Listen here u little skanky ass, if you don’t move your giant head and fake body then I swear to god that you’ll become a porcelain doll