Time To Heal [COMPLETED]

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Razia Sultana By RaziaSultana Completed
Anastasia Forrester had had her heart broken at the age of twenty by the man who had been extracting revenge from her for something she had not even been guilty of. Now five years later, Devin Richard Crighton was back in her life setting out to achieve what he had not been able to do then. But Ana was longer the love struck filled woman she had been in the past, she was now stronger and ready to fight him with all her might. Could Ana resist falling for him all over again?
    Devin was a cynical ruthless man, life having taught him many lessons at the tender age of fourteen. For years he had planned his revenge on the daughter of a man who had destroyed his family not caring who he was hurting in the process. He hadn’t expected someone like Ana, a woman so strong and innocent who would make him understand what was at stake.
    Will they finally be able to make it together? Or is the past going to always cast a shadow on their happiness when it’s time to heal….
sounds interesting, I'm so happy that it's already completed....
I read almost all your story you are good writer, create more good story you have lot's of potential in writing  sooner or later you will be known all over the world... tc
Lol I went back to read it and thought the plot looked familiar! This is my 3rd time re-reading this 
I work as a literature critics in India. I have read you book, although there are some grammatical mistakes but thats just something corrective. In my personal life I am a real novel junky. Really waiting to get your book in my collection. Good work keep it up.
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I have mixed emotions right now...I like him yet I hate him....I wanna slap him yet I wanna hug him....I am so frustrated! dude! get ur mind straight and tell her u love her dumbass...don't let her get away!
hmmm i hate there is no vote button on my phone's screen, but definitely glad to find Your story. Continue to next part....