The Billionaire's desire for her  ( sample book ) full version on Dreame

The Billionaire's desire for her ( sample book ) full version on Dreame

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How would you react when the sunny bright atmosphere turns into dark cloudy and you find yourself getting pushed into dark valley ? 

How would you react when your perfect life crashed down and make you miserable like your every breath feel like a burden on you ? 

A girl with golden heart has to fall first for a bad boy ? 

But what if first it's bad boy who find himself getting captured by her beauty and innocence ? 

Why all those betrayals were thrown into her path when she never did anything bad to anyone her all life is the only thing veronica the girl with golden heart was thinking... 
she was betrayed, broken beyond repair.... it hurts more when your own people betray you. 
And there was Nathan who is doing every effort to possess the beauty aka veronica but of course the billionaire like him didn't need to do much rather than pulling some strings and she was in his possession but only physically. 
Betrayed veronica was being cautious with every step she takes but again she got betrayed and this betrayal ruined her totally but for good....  

Although the betrayal did break her heart into millions of pieces but those pieces were doing wonder and pulled surface from under Nathan's legs. 

Misunderstandings happened which made two lovers drift apart... 

But when they came face to face after some painful years of longing... 

there were firecracks of hatred, anger, and mostly the long lost love but when two of them are yarning for the revenge. The game became scary. 

The game was becoming more and more interesting when it became love triangle, when the old betrayers came into picture again but now the game was equal. 

The old veronica was gone and new fighter took birth instead of her. 

How this love will survive in between this all the chaos ? 

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