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A take on what happens when a woman had had enough. This short story starts from when Khushi found out the reason behind her marriage. If you are hoping for a happy ev...
Am I Not Enough For You by _glowingsunshine_
Am I Not Enough For Youby ♥️
" Get married to another girl if she is not being able to give me my grand children" His mother shouted " I will think about it " She bursted out in...
PYAAR ❤YA DHOKHA💔 (Completed ❣️) by Dirajasly
PYAAR ❤YA DHOKHA💔 (Completed ❣️)by Dirajasly
❣️A story about a mysterious suspense to find whether there is love❤ or betrayal. 💔) (A story of a girl and a boy where the boy betrayed her😞but there's something whi...
Modest Heart  by naia22
Modest Heart by N A I L A 🌙
Modest Heart is about love and lonely hearts. In a world full of negativity, one radiant soul Halaat, seems to be the calmness in everyone's heart. Halaat's life changes...
The Year of the Horse (Book two of the Almair Series) (Completed) by RissaleWriter
The Year of the Horse (Book two Rissa, Rissy, Riss
(Read 'The Year of the Wolf' first.) It had been a year since Martha had found out that she was the Almair and the True One, and she had turned 16. However, there was...
Secret love affair|ongoing (gxg) by bronthox
Secret love affair|ongoing (gxg)by bronthoxbooks
Victoria moralez was in fact the most powerful mafia boss to have ever led any mafia , Not only was she just powerful she was the first woman to have ever taken control...
Two Halves  by Nash_Books
Due to the unbalance of nature. Some souls before reaching heaven got broken, half-destroyed. Now, they are the only ones that can fix the natural balance. They have bee...
HATED arranged  by ishqq_
HATED arranged by ~♥~
A SHUBMAN GILL FANFIC ●_● Shubman Gill : heartrob of nation . One of the best player . Not forget a punjabi munda . Did i mention his biggest enemy No lets meet her . S...
BlackCoffee by brazybrat___
BlackCoffeeby brazybrat___
Book 2 of Brownsugar The Children are Growing up....but problems still remain...
Anokhe Maqlooqat by Khans__profession
Anokhe Maqlooqatby Khans__Profession
A Muslim story with a mixture of horror and romance ...
Her. by treasurously
#12 Treasure
She has a story that people often shy away from. They usually tell you about the other kind of her that usually doesn't want to be put in their situation. Some of these...
UNFORTUNATELY FORTUNATE...♥️ by swetha_saravanan
UNFORTUNATELY FORTUNATE...♥️by swetha_saravanan
Join in to meet a man,who lost the company and love of his father and his way too attached little brother after which he becomes rock that never melts for sentiments.Whe...
HOW I LOST YOU by JanetGurtler
HOW I LOST YOUby JanetGurtler
Grace and Kya always do everything together, and nothing can get in the way of their friendship. But then Levi comes along...just as things are starting to shift. The gi...
THEIR JOURNEY TO JANNAH (#TheWattys2017) by barshasanam
#4 in spiritual (10/02/2018) Sometimes destiny take unknown turns, which will lead to make your life a complete fairy tale or, a nightmare that was haunted by the outcom...
|| Aishwarya ~ The pride of Kuruvansh || by -elegantfae
|| Aishwarya ~ The pride of 𝐀𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐲𝐚
~ Sister ~ Like an Angel With love that always glows One of the greatest gifts A heart of a brother knows. ____________________________ This is the story of Aishwarya...
Toxic Love  by sinLovely
Toxic Love by Ally
* This book has been modified into a better version *. Malia a 17-year-old girl...beautiful and kind. Malia decides to go out with some friends who are bad influencers t...
One Night Isn't Enough(✔ Completed)(Unedited) by ItsMGsShine
One Night Isn't Enough(✔ MG
Tears Rolled Drown From my eyes Did you ever felt my cries? I want to leave you forever But you caught me for your favour My life is becoming so tough But I know you sai...
I Can Hear You Even In Your Silence ((Completed)) by KhanSanu
I Can Hear You Even In Your Saniya Khan
Arnav a mute from childood, Khushi a bubbly chirpy girl. Both are best friends from childhood. Let's see how this Childood friendship turns into a life long... To know...
short stories (Sorry Or Thank You) by ChanderaArYa
short stories (Sorry Or Thank You)by broken heart
something broke me Asal kahani thodi si meri likhawat ke saath