The Photography Project. Phan AU

The Photography Project. Phan AU

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AllTimePhan73 By AllTimePhan73 Completed

Phil was doing a project. He needed to take pictures of things he found beautiful. That's how he met so many different people, all mesmerisingly beautiful.


~this is just a short story I threw together in a few days so sorry if it's horrible~

Also this is based on a video on YouTube where a girl goes around telling people they're beautiful. I watched it and I immediately needed to write something :3


Squaaaaash Squaaaaash Jul 10
Listening to I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me
Derpy_foxes Derpy_foxes Jun 04
Plot twist, he kills Dan because a dark past thingy told him to.
I read the title the pornography project.. what's wrong with me.
ByeIHaveToGoRead ByeIHaveToGoRead Nov 02, 2016
Just a heads up to new readers THIS BOOK IS FRICKEN AWESOME!!!!! You may proceed with the book now
Oh wait I just noticed the chapter titles thing, different Joe nevermind.....
LiteralGarbage- LiteralGarbage- Nov 27, 2016
Hey in the summary thing you said u wrote this because of a YouTube video where a girl tells a bunch of people they're beautiful and i was wondering the name of the video? Sorry if its an inconvenience i just can't find it