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I WANT FAMILY ( MAFIA ) ( JIMIN ) by jizarimin
(Get ready to be punished KITTEN,I told you that i will find you)In this story jimin is a gangster and he is so rude as he can and Y'N is just a middle...
  • jimi
  • blackpink
  • btsjimin
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New Her, Revenge ( Jungkook FF ) || Jungkook ✖️ You || by EdMinMin
New Her, Revenge ( Jungkook FF ) |...by E.M
6 Years later Flasback Y/n and Jungkook are bestfriend about a years and their so close to each other but one day when Y/n transferred where is Jungkook was, Y/n got bu...
  • park
  • btsfanfic
  • bangtan
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Forced  Marriage (Taehyung X Wendy ) by BigbangBTSLOVER
Forced Marriage (Taehyung X Wendy...by BigbangBTSLOVER
"I love u so fucking much" Tae yelled as he grabbed my hand pushed me aganst wall and kissed me roughly I widen my eyes h-he kissing me i-is this part of h...
  • wendy
  • kimtaehyung
  • btsfanfic
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Lucy heads to Brighton to stay with her distant friend saffron, but for how long? New relationships Blume as time goes on, it's perfect. But does perfect actually exist...
  • love
  • darrenbarker
  • în
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It's A Small World (Zoella & ThatcherJoe) by honey_mist_auburn
It's A Small World (Zoella & Thatc...by lucy
Eleven years after Joe was born, Graham and Tracy Sugg had another baby girl who they named Wilma Hazel Sugg, or Billie for short. Sadly, they didn't have the money to s...
  • alfiedeyes
  • joesugg
  • youtube
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Flower Crowns And Tattoos Troyler AU  (Sequel) by TheNextBeyonce
Flower Crowns And Tattoos Troyler...by Lidya
I recommend that you read Flower Crowns And Tattoos first before you read the sequel. Enjoy.
  • troyler
  • tanyaburr
  • crossdressing
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Little Sister Sugg by OwnerOfASmile
Little Sister Suggby Secret 🐢
Do you know Zoella or ThatcherJoe?? We'll i do!! Inside and out... But that's only because i'm Zoe's and Joe's little sister. I was born on the 7th of March 1999, when i...
  • joesugg
  • britishyoutube
  • jimchapman
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Joanne... - Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell High School Fanfic  by Maisywrites04
Joanne... - Joe Sugg and Dianne Bu...by Maisywrites04
Joe Sugg is popular. Drop dead gorgeous. Good at everything. Annoyingly charming. He's the kid everyone wants to be. Dianne Buswell is different. Strays from the crowd...
  • thatcherjoe
  • byronlangley
  • zoesugg
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Too Good ⇢ Dylan Sprayberry by -artsysivan
Too Good ⇢ Dylan Sprayberryby @fredmercuryy
❝arden_cho: WHY ARE YOU STALKING TROYE SIVAN'S INSTAGRAM troyesivan: arden_cho I don't mind if dylansprayberry stalks me dylansprayberry: actually I was sta...
  • jimchapman
  • willarose
  • joesugg
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In love with a south african [ Josh Pieters ] by joshpieterswife
In love with a south african [ Jos...by Tea Pahljina
  • joshpieters
  • connormaynard
  • southafrican
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Flower Crowns And Tattoos (Troyler Au Highschool) by TheNextBeyonce
Flower Crowns And Tattoos (Troyler...by Lidya
Tyler Oakley is the most popular and sassy of them all. He wears flower crowns (made by himself) and is loved by everyone. Well except for one person. Troye Sivan. He de...
  • naomismart
  • jimchapman
  • marcusbutler
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Joe Sugg Imagines by callof_the_wildthing
Joe Sugg Imaginesby Sarcastic Plum
A-R imagines that I have written. All imagines are between you and Joe. All imagines will not have another part to them. No smut. (Sorry, I cringe if I write it myse...
  • zoesugg
  • thatcherjoeimagine
  • casparlee
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Adopted by Zalfie by Undead_Glory
Adopted by Zalfieby undead gløry
Maya is a 12 year old girl just waiting for someone to adopt her. All she has is her lonely room and her heros, who are only through a screen. Read her story on how YouT...
  • zoesugg
  • jaspar
  • alfiedeyes
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She's Your Daughter by anonymous_lj
She's Your Daughterby leigh
Zoë Sugg & Alfie Deyes 'The couple youtube made.' But add in one mistake. A mistake can cost you the things you love. One moment it's there. The next - it's gone. Thr...
  • alfie
  • deyes
  • drama
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The life of Tanya Burr by KaylaTheWitch
The life of Tanya Burrby KaylaTheWitch
Join Tanya from YouTube on an adventure through her life from when she met jim to getting married and even more adventures.
  • marrage
  • jimchapman
  • babies
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ALWAYS - ADOPTED BY ZALFIE by sprinklesondonuts
ALWAYS - ADOPTED BY ZALFIEby sprinklesondonuts
Emma Watson lives happily in her home in London with her mum and dad. She has taken part in the first two Harry Potter films and is signed to do the last six. But when a...
  • hermionegranger
  • emmawatson
  • zalfie
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Joe Sugg Imagines  by stylessftsugg
Joe Sugg Imagines by Amilia
Some crappy joe Sugg imagines xox
  • conormaynard
  • imagines
  • youtuber
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Is this real? // Joe Sugg FanFiction by suggeroos
Is this real? // Joe Sugg FanFicti...by Jess x
  • lydiaconnell
  • joe
  • lucyconnell
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He Changed Me (Joe Sugg/Tyler Oakley fan fiction) by vampsftjoefics
He Changed Me (Joe Sugg/Tyler Oakl...by vampsftjoefics
Meet Amanda, all her life she's lived through hell. But one day she decides she has had enough. Escaping swiftly out of abusive boyfriend, Alex's, arms she runs away hop...
  • pointlessblog
  • wattys2014
  • tanyaburr
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From Heaven to Hell - British YouTubers  by imaginationruns
From Heaven to Hell - British YouT...by imaginationruns
One accident occurs after another. Will our favourite unlucky YouTubers be able to recover from the mess they got themselves into?
  • pointlessblog
  • accident
  • britishyoutubers
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