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BACKFIRE. george weasley by potterwatchology
BACKFIRE. george weasleyby CHRISTINA
WHEN LEE JORDAN TOLD AMBROSE CURTIS that he could get help with his classes from the Weasley Twins, he figured that it would be a little awkward and embarrassing. As som...
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Roomates -Mikey Murphy X Reader by frickinflowers
Roomates -Mikey Murphy X Readerby kayleen, ya local bisexual
You're new to college and have been placed in the same room as your idol. He has no clue who you are...or so you think. You're taken through an adventure with him that d...
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D R A R R Y - Instagram  by Explictcontent
D R A R R Y - Instagram by 𝚁𝚒𝚙 𝚌𝚋 😭⚡️
Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. #DRARRY- I won't tell the ships yet , because I actually don't know who I want together yet. 🧡 This story might not have...
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My Lacrosse Prince (A Mikey Murphy Fanfiction) by Musical_Zombiez
My Lacrosse Prince (A Mikey Murphy...by Just An Author
After an accident of which Mikey was at fault, he finally meets to the girl of his dreams.One thing leads to another and the two find themselves in young teenaged-love...
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Mikey Murphy and Luke Korns preferences by MikachuPikachu
Mikey Murphy and Luke Korns prefer...by MikachuPikachu
The title basically says it all . These are some Luke and Mikey preferences I came up with and some came from tumblr . You can request some and I'll do my best to do it...
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one day ⇔ blackbear  by bearbooty
one day ⇔ blackbear by claudia! 🐚🐚
leonie & matthew. a boy and girl meet on facebook on the fourth of august and later, become friends over milkshakes. the story follows them by dropping in on august the...
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Magic \\ Calum Hood by stupidnyan
Magic \\ Calum Hoodby -t.a.w
"Kau percaya sesuatu tentang sihir, Ocean?" "Tidak." Ocean menggeleng, menjauhkan perhatian dari bukunya. "Memang kenapa?" Alice menyerin...
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constellations ☆ colby brock  by halloweenty
constellations ☆ colby brock by jim halpert stan
a story of star-crossed lovers and their future only the constellations can know. {COMPLETED} (not fully edited) [story cover ©️ to whoever designed it. i grabbed it fr...
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instagram ⇔ lucas j zumann by bearbooty
instagram ⇔ lucas j zumannby claudia! 🐚🐚
where her idol comments on her instagram. correcting her grammar. ⇒ completed ⇒ social media
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Runaway Sister by happy_fox72
Runaway Sisterby Ali_The_Bae
15 year old Chloe mendes has a hard life, shes bullied by he brother, Shawn mendes, and his foul gang of idiot as she says. she recently moved to L.A. but it gets worse...
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yellow paint.//mikey murphy by vintagevans
yellow paint.//mikey murphyby vintagevans
"van gogh ate yellow paint because he thought it would make him happy." "maybe you're my yellow paint." aria hendrix was studying for french class in...
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Michael J  Murphy  by OfficialMikeyMurphy
Michael J Murphy by Michael J. Murphy
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Boy Next Door- Mikey Murphy by Beautiful_Tragedyyy
Boy Next Door- Mikey Murphyby Batman the Penguin
'It was like love at first sight.'
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Just Friends -Mikey Murphy- by KittyKatKlub
Just Friends -Mikey Murphy-by Meow
"What are you getting at?" Mikey questions, recovering from the word bomb I just dropped. "No relationships, no commitments, no stress, no confusions, no...
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the best friend of the best friend-A Chris Oflyng love story by onward_and_upward2
the best friend of the best friend...by Eden
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You're Rude [ COMPLETED ] by NurAinunIrwan
You're Rude [ COMPLETED ]by isabell
"Gue pacaran ama orang lain karena gw mau lo fokus ulangan, gak mikirin yang lain-lain. Gue Gak ada perasaan kok ama pacar gue. Gue sukanya sama lo." Dalam hat...
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Mikey Murphy||Social Media by quizlit
Mikey Murphy||Social Mediaby joeie
*itsmikeymurphy followed you*
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One Shots and Imagines by InnocentLawley
One Shots and Imaginesby Alicia
This is a book of one shots for everyone listed in my bio. I take requests. Copyright 2014 Alicia Spero (@InnocentLawley) All rights reserved.
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The Dolan Triplets by http1dstan
The Dolan Tripletsby http1dstan
16 year old Harper Dolan struggles being Ethan and Grayson's triplet sister. What happens when Harper has to go on tour with them. Who will she meet on the way? Will the...
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The Best Friend - Mikey Murphy by camicakez
The Best Friend - Mikey Murphyby camicakez
Daniel has been friends with Mikey Murphy for years. What happens when there alone?!
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