Mine// h.s

Mine// h.s

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They met at a young age. They were completely head over heels for each other. Harry got himself into the wrong crowd but she didn't care. She loved him no matter what. One night, one mistake and then the next thing you know. Harry is arrested. 

He went mad. She never once visited him in prison. No letters not even a call. Nothing. 

Five years pass. Harry is free and only one thing is set on his mind. Find her. 

He spent day and night searching for her but nothing. It's like she never even existed. 

A month later he finds her with the help of his mate Louis. 


He pushes me roughly against the wall with both of my wrists on the both sides of my head, "You think you could hide from me little girl! Huh?" He whispers directly next to my ear biting my earlobe. I let out a whimper. 

Panting, not believing the image in front of me, I say " H-Harry please. You're hurting me" 

Realizing that he's hurting me, he loosens his grip on my wrist. 

"You don't think I was hurting! Five fûcking years! Five fûcking years Vivian! You promised me you were never going to leave me when I needed you! Well I fûcking needed you all those years!" He roars 

"Fûck you Harry!" I angrily say 

"No, fûck you Vivi! You're not getting away this time. You're mine!"

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Sleeqy Sleeqy Apr 25, 2017
am I the only one that's thinking about Violets mom from the first season of ahs