The Rich Kid ➝ h.s ( Sequel to TBK)

The Rich Kid ➝ h.s ( Sequel to TBK)

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" Can you take a picture with me, Harry? "  I ask. I touch his arm, but he jerks away. I hadn't seen him in person in forever. I back up. His lips curl into a smirk, Ray Bans in his hand and a bottle of scotch in the other.

               " I'm sorta busy, " He spits, starting to walk away. I grab onto his arm again and he angrily turns around, throwing his arms in the air.

		" I have to go! Leave me the hell alone. You can get a picture later, " He shouts. The anger in his tone was apparent and his teeth were clenched together. I almost whimper, when he freezes. He was acting ridiculous. The sad thing was that this has been happening a lot. Everything was fine and then he started having sudden mood swings and then comes along him being rude to fans. 

	' Harry styles rude to fans ' made the cover of every newspaper and magazine in the world. He was screwed. He later earned respect back from people, when the whole thing blew over. I could tell he was relieved to say the least, but his ego has gotten bigger and bigger, just as his popularity grew; One directions popularity.

	" You sound familiar, " He whispers, gripping the bottle of scotch. I was scared it might break. " Do I know you? " He ask. I nod my head to myself, but don't say anything. He didn't need to know. I didn't want him to know. I hated that he was acting like this. The Harry I knew would never do this.

	I could feel a tear fall down my cheek and I turn to walk away. The air smells odd and the blinking lights twinkle in the distant. I keep walking even when I hear his voice calling for me. " Wait! Come back! " He yells.

	I keep walking.

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kmk0410 kmk0410 Sep 08, 2016
This is so exciting!  I literally am already in love with this story and OH MY JESUS AKDJDKDKDJDKD can't control the feels
Grande_Adore Grande_Adore Dec 19, 2016
Same back on my old account where I had like 2 thousand followers a girl legit copied my story and. I was so mad
kmk0410 kmk0410 Sep 08, 2016
Oh my Jesus I read the description and was kicking my feet!  I CANT WAIT I LOVE THESE BOOKS!
autumnma77 autumnma77 Jun 19, 2016
When did she marry Louis I know at the end of the last book they where kissing each other and say I love u but Tf there married she still loves her right