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Beautifully Dangerous {Punk Harry Styles}

Beautifully Dangerous {Punk Harry Styles}

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honeybooboris By honeybooboris Completed

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"HARRY!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. The guy punched my in the jaw and my body hit the floor. My vision blurred and pain flared all through my body. I let out a loud scream when his foot made contact with my side. I her a loud grunt then a loud smack of skin on skin. I looked up slightly to see the guy being held up against the wall by Louis and Niall while Harry beat the life out of him. I let out a loud whimper as someone touches my side.
"Come here babe, you'll be all right" Zayn cooed in my ear as he picked me up. I screamed again and almost passed out from the pain.
"Harry she's gotta get to the hospital!" Zayn panicked while tears streamed down my face.
"Fuck, Louis finish him off" The last thing I heard was a gun shot before everything went black.

Harry and his boys run the city. One glance at him and you'd know to walk in the opposite direction. He has a dangerous aura that radiates from him. Luna wanted nothing to do with him and Harry wanted nothing to do with her. They are from two different worlds. Luna gets sucked into Harry's dangerous universe and struggles to escape. But she can't help but begin to fall. She can't help that he's... beautifully dangerous.

JOnTheBlock JOnTheBlock Sep 23, 2016
They're  absolutely amazing live, even though Adam made a new group
lousbabygurl lousbabygurl Jun 17, 2016
I thought she just ended high school and a week later college. From what I know most start in September - November giving students a solid 3-4 month break
lexillamahowell lexillamahowell Feb 02, 2016
xxxKeepQuietxxx xxxKeepQuietxxx Jul 30, 2015
He killed him?!!!! My god Haz calm yourself for a minute murderer
thaskeen11 thaskeen11 Jul 19, 2015
no clue whats happening whose the main character bc im hearing alot of eveleigh or watever her name is so goodbye shittiest book so far I said that about one book cause it was dumb and made no sense but nah this one has got to be first its so shitty and terrible