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The Bet That Broke Me

The Bet That Broke Me

2.5M Reads 88.7K Votes 62 Part Story
Rose🌹 By WBMS_GIRL4954 Completed

(BOOK ONE) Highest rank so far #6 in teen fiction *Needs Editing*

Meet Alison Kane,

Broken. I guess that's one of the many disconsolate words I could chose to describe myself. 

Broken and miserable. I was left that way five years ago on the day of my parents deaths. When I learned my brother, Ryan,  didn't want to take care of me because, as he put it, "Wanted to live his life." I was sent to Florida to live with my Aunt a Lilly, Uncle David, and my cousin Hailey. My world kind of stopped spinning. I was for ever changed. I mean though, who wouldn't be? I was only thirteen and both my mom and dad had just passed and  my brother didn't want me. 

Aiden Parker. The name that changed my life. For better? Or for worse? I still haven't figured that out. But do please listen to my story. My story of how The Bad Boy Broke Me. How he bet on me. He made a bet for me to fall for him. How he broke me, but also how he saved me. A twisted way of doing so I guess but you'd have to read our story to understand what I mean. 

This has a few cliche scenes so if your not into that then don't read it. It has some cursing, but it's a great story so you don't know what your missing out on. 

here are some of my (many) fav comments from my readers.

JaydaSaylan3~ Im legit sobbing my sisters saying that I'm sobbing over a story that's not even real.

rmilyo107~ Im frickin crying, this should be a goddamn movie.

VaneEscorcia7 ~ This is the saddest thing I've ever read yo😭

Zoie-Jane~ Well my dreams have been crushed.

Ashnavarsani~ I can not believe this story made me cry like this is the first I have ever frickin cried like this.

thislilrussiangirl~ I started crying, then I sneeze-farted and half-pissed myself in the middle of class. THIS IS ALL YOUR FUALT AUTHOR

Jelena4ever123~ U have to do a sequel I can't live like this.

truehope124~ Omfg sequel please

inspirationaljunkXD~ PLSSS MAKE A SEQUEL

NerdyAlex1 NerdyAlex1 2 days ago
I've been homeschooled for 3 years (I think) and I forgot what its like to be in public school
Semiloves Semiloves a day ago
If you want to loose weight, excercise or swap what you would normally eat for something healthier but still nutritional
NerdyAlex1 NerdyAlex1 2 days ago
Why do people starve themselves just to get skinny? I want to hug them and say "you haven't been in a Samoan family so don't starve" seriously I couldn't go a day without eating
taylorbragg96 taylorbragg96 a day ago
I loved school, it go me away from my  step father for 8 hours a day .
NerdyAlex1 NerdyAlex1 2 days ago
Some people say in skinny but how could they tell I wear baggy clothes
Sarah_Ritley Sarah_Ritley 2 days ago
My name is Sarah....😣😣😣but I'm a nice person and and innocent little child