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The Bet That Broke Me

The Bet That Broke Me

1.4M Reads 49.3K Votes 61 Part Story
Rose🌹 By WBMS_GIRL4954 Completed

(BOOK ONE) Highest rank so far #11 in teen fiction *Needs Editing*

Allison Kane is depressed, she used to be a happy little girl. But when she turned 13 her parents died in a plane crash. She has an older brother he was 19 at the time. He didn't want to take care of Allison, so he shipped her off to their aunt and uncles house in Florida. 
When she started school in 9th grade everybody called her horrible names that t went on throughout her high school years now, 3 years later she's a senior and still not over her parents passing, and the bullying.


Aiden is the schools bad boy, he makes the girls fall for him and then dumps them. He's the perfect guy he's rich, smart, handsome, sexy. He makes a bet with his friends, were he has make a girl fall for him  before graduation. What a cruel thing to do, playing with girls hearts. Aiden starts out thinking it will be easy but as he gets to know her he changes his mind, it's gonna be a lot harder then he thought.

This is has a few cliche scenes so if your not into that then don't read it. It has some cursing, but it's a great story so you don't know what your missing out on. 

here are some of my (many) fav comments from my readers.

JaydaSaylan3~ Im legit sobbing my sisters saying that I'm sobbing over a story that's not even real.

rmilyo107~ Im frickin crying, this should be a goddamn movie.

VaneEscorcia7 ~ This is the saddest thing I've ever read yo😭

Zoie-Jane~ Well my dreams have been crushed.

Ashnavarsani~ I can not believe this story made me cry like this is the first I have ever frickin cried like this.

thislilrussiangirl~ I started crying, then I sneeze-farted and half-pissed myself in the middle of class. THIS IS ALL YOUR FUALT AUTHOR!

lyraMx~ Me: Im scared. 
          Me to me: Calm down it's just a book.

Jelena4ever123~ U have to do a sequel I can't live like this.

truehope124~ Omfg sequel please

inspirationaljunkXD~ PLSSS MAKE A SEQUE

unicorns_bears unicorns_bears 4 days ago
the only thing i can think about right now is the book She's With Me because Aiden
Tolkienite3791 Tolkienite3791 3 days ago
All these people like "that's my name!" Haha no one named their character Mary Grace so I'm safe 😂😂😂
Tolkienite3791 Tolkienite3791 3 days ago
"Chapter 1"
                              Me: SO FRICKIN PUMPED
                              Me: *remembers I have Spanish homework*
                              Me: ESTOY MUY EMOCIONADO
WhyJac WhyJac 3 days ago
Damn some of yall cant wait to correct its clearly unedited. Leave it as it is unless the Author says so its been 1 chapter hold yuh titties
_mia_f_ _mia_f_ 5 days ago
i hate t when i tell people their pretty and they say no i'm not😂😂 like bitch i'm telling the truth. if i think ou ugly i'll tell you🙄😂
Catlover698 Catlover698 a day ago
Oh honey I've been there. It's not worth it you just gain back the weight...