The Bet

The Bet

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Emily Rose By WBMS_GIRL4954 Updated 3 days ago

Allison Kane is depressed she wasn't always depressed though, she used to be a happy little girl. But when she turned 13 her parents died in a plane crash. She has an older brother he was 19 at the time. He didn't want to take care of Allison, so he drove her to their aunt and uncles house in Florida. 

Her aunt home schooled her until she was a freshman in high school. When she started school in 9th grade everybody called her freak, emo, loser, ect. That went on throughout her high school years now 3 years later she's a senior and still not over her parents passing, and the bullying wasn't helping she couldn't take it anymore so she started cutting.


Aiden is the schools player he makes the girls the girls fall for him, sleeps with them, and then dumps them. He's the perfect guy he's rich, smart, handsome, sexy. Him and his friends make a bet that if he can sleep with the Outcast before graduation they'll give him 900 bucks each. Money's not a problem for them. Aiden starts out thinking this will be easy but as he gets to know her he changes his mind, it's gonna be a lot harder then he thought.

This is kinda cliche so if your not into that then don't read it, but it's a great story so you don't know what your missing out on.

Alisonbrine Alisonbrine Oct 13
I have days were I dress like that, but then other days I wear tight fittings clothes and yeah I'm like that my outfit depends on my mood.
This girl is me! Name is Allison, has blond hair and wears baggy clothing, depressed and people bully her! Dang she just needs to dye her hair tips purple and we'd be twins 🙃 btw grate job on the story so far!
But hey being lazy is all I know how to do😂 what has my life come to😂😭
Alisonbrine Alisonbrine Oct 13
I don't have a car lol because I can't drive yet we'll not until next year
I don't think I would enjoy sharing a room with someone, I like my space and privacy.
I wish I could ask myself that question but cute guys never talk to me