My Dearest mate

My Dearest mate

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SamanthaBlue2001 By SamanthaBlue2001 Updated Oct 17

During the raid when hiccup was a baby something horrible happens, no his mother isn't  taken but he gets bitten by a NIGHT FURY.....

Now few years later his mum goes missing, a few weeks later she comes back. Stoic becomes overprotective over his wife and brushes his son of.... until THAT happened at the young age of 4

I do NOT own any of the characters of httyd, httyd2 or it's series

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Ivy_Kay Ivy_Kay Apr 03
Oh. My. God. I just figured out Toothcup's song... You and I by 1D, oml, YAS!!
Ivy_Kay Ivy_Kay Apr 03
How should you judge a book by its cover?! Hiccup should've explained his-pardon-her life before you came in!!
Her name is almost the same as mine . 
                              Almost but  that's enough for me to name is Ysa  btw I call dibs on Yrsa .😂😂😂
snotlout is always the main bully, has anyone else noticed that?
StilettoSnake StilettoSnake Sep 25, 2016
So the Nightfury bit Hiccup as a baby and was any of the dragons with her expecting him to have changed right away or at all? Or was Selene just passing by and noticed a baby dragon in the midst of Vikings?