My Dearest mate

My Dearest mate

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SamanthaBlue2001 By SamanthaBlue2001 Updated Apr 05

During the raid when hiccup was a baby something horrible happens, no his mother isn't  taken but he gets bitten by a NIGHT FURY.....

Now few years later his mum goes missing, a few weeks later she comes back. Stoic becomes overprotective over his wife and brushes his son of.... until THAT happened at the young age of 4

I do NOT own any of the characters of httyd, httyd2 or it's series

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bluestar2533 bluestar2533 May 29, 2017
508404 508404 Mar 25
Confused Mother Nadder took Hiccup away . Stoic Superstitous could hurt Hiccup . What this time ? At least Now SHE COULD LIVE HAPPY CHILDHOOD RAISED BY DRAGONS . Will She Try later or doesn't know enought that inventor mind ?
SoultaleAsriel SoultaleAsriel Dec 18, 2017
Aria: I feel your pain, Hiccup. I bet having wings sprout from you back is not more fun then when I got my new legs. *she waves one of her Spider Legs in the air. (See my story, A Tangled Web, for information)*
SoultaleAsriel SoultaleAsriel Dec 18, 2017
Snotlout had extreme speaking problems when he was young? Not surprised in the slightest.
SoultaleAsriel SoultaleAsriel Dec 18, 2017
Who here thinks Hiccup is gonna be some sort of where-fury when he gets older?
Ok, first off, Fishlegs is way too soft to be a bully, heck he wasn't even complaining when Hiccup joined Dragon Training! He even told him facts about the Hidious Zippleback and Gronkle!