Falling Hearts (Papyrus X Reader/Lemon)

Falling Hearts (Papyrus X Reader/Lemon)

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Skeletons don't have hearts. They don't have any organs. But... These ones do have feelings. 

Hurt. Pain. Love. Hope. Content. Annoyance. 

They even have special magic. They can love you and hurt you with it.
Even skip times. 
Let's experience this Skeleton's feelings...

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glitzkitten glitzkitten Apr 20
Wait... MUM??? If she’s dating Sans, then later in the story, we’re gonna date our uncle... ew
Wattt???? Toriel better not be my adoptive mom or dating papyrus is dating my uncle *cringes*
rubyisaduck rubyisaduck Sep 09, 2017
i'm british too and i always say mum but i've become used to typing mom
ovmalk ovmalk Nov 18, 2017
Also... i didnt think Id see actual ppl who comment negatively on ships. Such trouble to bother with XD
TheRealFriendZone TheRealFriendZone Nov 30, 2017
But, but, Asriel Dreemurr is an anagram for Serial Murderer, ASGORE IS A GENIUS
SmolScaredBoi SmolScaredBoi Dec 02, 2016
How lucky u didn't write this the week before. It would have been Friday the 13th! (I'm not a superstitious person I just like bugging superstitious people :3)