The Devil's Mark (Book 1)

The Devil's Mark (Book 1)

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James By GuardianAngel22 Updated Jan 19

He's smart, he's sexy, he's the devil in disguise. 

Lucifer Morningstar has ruled Hell since the beginning of time and now he's bored. A thousand years ago, he left the throne in search of the one thing he's always wanted...someone to love. Rejected throughout time and history Lucifer never gave up. Than on a cold's winter night in 1990, a newborn baby is brought into the world with the hope that Lucifer may have found the one.

For twenty-five years, Jason has always considered his life different from everybody else. Having been convinced that he's been given the gift of resurrection, Jason has died more times than he could care to count. But on the night of his birthday, a man in a suit arrives at his front door and steals him away from everyone he's ever known.

But while Lucifer is preoccupied with trying to win his mate's affection, Hell is becoming increasingly unstable. Time is running out for old Lucifer. Can he win the heart of a human he care's so deeply about or will he be turned down at the alter before the flood gates open and unleash Hell on earth?

Find out what happens when the Devil leaves Hell for the City of Angeles. Wealth, power, seduction. What's not to like when the man is drop-dead stunningly gorgeous and can provide to your every desire? Better watch out ladies and gentleman. The Devil is closer than you think.

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JudgeJeanius JudgeJeanius May 30, 2017
I thought for a second if it meant to be  manila envelope XD don't mind me.
Vexingcrimes Vexingcrimes Aug 18, 2017
The whole vibe of this chapter reminds me of the beginning of the book Good Omens
JudgeJeanius JudgeJeanius May 30, 2017
Hi, hello. Yes, I'm here. Why? Because I saw the mpreg tag. That's all.
Scrbbled_Inc Scrbbled_Inc Mar 10, 2017
Sorry, I don't know when you edited this book, but I'm a grammar Nazi and....yeah
                              "I sat* I'm the drivers seat if my newly rented Porsche and stared* out at the ambulance...."
                              I don't wanna tell you how to write your story, I'm just making suggestions.
ReinforcedHell ReinforcedHell Dec 12, 2016
A litteral deal with the devil... how did I not see that coming?
ReinforcedHell ReinforcedHell Dec 12, 2016
I've never thought of making a fallen angel as a gaurdian angel before. Love the chapter so far.