Sacred Ties

Sacred Ties

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Phoebe Sonia Kadzanja By phoebeliciou Completed

There first meeting wasn't great. One was called rude and the other thought he was childish. More than one encounters couldn't just be an incident. But one late meeting that changed it all came one night. They built a bond unknowingly. This wasn't just any bond.

They had an extraordinary bond!!

But what happens when everything changes? The ties they made a bond with starts breaking and snapping. Their bond is attacked with a great force.

They fall apart.

They get separated.

Their bond weakens with each second passing.

What will they do? Are they strong enough to hold their bond? Or they will take a weaker man's way out by giving up.

Perhaps they will prove to all just how extraordinary their bond is. For they are bound with sacred ties.

Read and find out!

WARNING:: (boyxboy)

Awesome cover by SuperSonicPaGer  😍