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Saved by the Devil. (boyxboy) [ON HOLD]

Saved by the Devil. (boyxboy) [ON HOLD]

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Chubby and Blue By BigNeptune Updated Nov 15, 2015

Niles is not in a happy place right now. Between fending off attackers at school and suffering under the viscous eye of unrepentant teen anger he has to regard his lover the same, as Kellin Mcgraw is one of them.
That's right.
Could it get anymore cliche?
He's dating one of his bullies, a closeted, aggressive, manipulating skimp.
Sometimes Niles lies awake at night, just wishing, praying, begging, for an angel to fall in his lap and magic the pain away. Maybe kill him silently in his sleep, take him to a better place. One were he is not alone, suffering, always suffering, and shut down by the world.
Niles won't get his angel.
But will a DEVIL do?

CharmiGal CharmiGal 3 days ago
Saameee. When I was upset, no teacher would what was wrong. They just sat me in a chair and pretend I didn't exist like boi I'm human too and I have feelings ask me what's wrong and I'll tell you but I can't open up when you just tell me to go to the bathroom give me some respect PLEASE
AHHHHH ^ Guys, we do actually have a summer, it just lasts for like 2 weeks  x_x and randomly rains sometimes in the middle of it.
TheAstronautDragon TheAstronautDragon May 22, 2016
Meh I used to believe someone will save me. But now I just want to leave permently into deaths awaiting arms
Derpina101 Derpina101 Mar 19, 2016
Wow really? Will he really need science in his every day life? I want to kîll someone when a teacher says that typa shît
Cherryblossim16 Cherryblossim16 Jul 09, 2016
Bruuuuuh u got that pic of ur book cover from Under Grand Hotel didnt u!!!!
TheAstronautDragon TheAstronautDragon May 22, 2016
Yep. I just go numb my eyes become dark gray like a storm gathering in my eyes. It normally makes ppl piss them self's because my eyes are normally lighter colors and I fake smile a lot