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Aquilam and Ignis, two clans fighting each other for more than a thousand years now.  

A place where everyone had a pair of wings. We were all hybrids, but with two different kinds of wings. 
You could have either have bird wings or the one of a dragon. 

For me, my wings were everything. They were my life, my freedom, and my pride.
But after my father's betrayed the King, all our family was also treated as traitors. 

Our punishment? 


Every day, as soon as I woke up in the morning until I went to sleep at night, the shadow of my father betrayal always haunted me. He made our lives pitiful. 

One day, I had enough, so I ran. I ran hating my dad for what he did to us, to ME.

A hybrid like me had no chance of surviving in the wild. Not after THAT. 

This was now my life, trying to survive and resist this incredible and exquisite smell so close yet so far.

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I would have spilled my food at him, spit on him, curse him, kick him in the gut and leave for good.
Seinnaru Seinnaru Jan 17
Oh hellooo dere.. 
                              Kill yourself before I'll rip ur heart out of your chest and make you swallow it while cutting off your limbs and switch their places❤❤
Fierce_Chesire Fierce_Chesire Jul 10, 2017
can I torture him plz? I´m s ready to make it nice and slow, it´s bound to be delightful to hear his pained screams
- - Feb 17, 2017
Yo dude what about me? I don't have wings. Does that make me a failure? Shut your mouth.