Revenge of a beauty(Got7 JB)✔✔

Revenge of a beauty(Got7 JB)✔✔

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Kim AeJin is sister of Jin  of BTS. Is a fat girl,with many talents but with insecurities because of her body.Her life change thanks to plastic surgery and she have a new identity which her name now is Jayne  Park.

JB is the leader of the group.He have never been in love.Only one-sided love,and have suffered alot

JYP to be the most popular agency in Korea he changed the less attractive Kim AeJin to the boy's ideal type girl the beauty of Jayne Park.

*I don't criticize fat people.*
-BEGUN: 17/7/2015

(Soon To edit)

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taehyangforlife taehyangforlife Sep 06, 2017
oh no you didnt ! hold my heels some bitch is going to die tonight !
celinewoods17 celinewoods17 Mar 13, 2017
He shouldn't play with people's feeling it's not right. No matter what they look like they don't deserve that.
                              I would have revenge if I was in her shoes give men a taste of their own medecine you know 🤣
Koffe-Kat Koffe-Kat Jan 14
Maybe whoever is reading this line is saying in his/her mind is "Awwww girl you are soo lucky! XD"
Cecejay14 Cecejay14 Jun 19, 2017
Girl I feel you. I'm 14 and want to be the first full on British Kpop ido❤️
jessiemirakk jessiemirakk Apr 15, 2017
Some one hold my earings-actually never mind ill just stab you with them u little hoe
taetaesoulmateu taetaesoulmateu Aug 27, 2017