How to Make the Playboy Fall In Love (Vmin)(#Wattys 2015) ✔

How to Make the Playboy Fall In Love (Vmin)(#Wattys 2015) ✔

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When Taehyung's sister's heart was broken by playboy Park Jimin, Taehyung's sister wanted to get revenge on Park Jimin and asks his brother for help. Taehyung found it weird, but agreed in the end because he can't disagree to his little sister's charismatic appearance or what we all call aegyo, plus he was that doting brother he is and cared for his sister way too much to say no. 

Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung had a hate-hate relationship with each other, they really can't stand being in each other's company, but what happens when this heated hate-hate relationship wasn't what you actually thought it was?



MxComixx MxComixx Sep 26
I can't imagine how this guy named Kim Taehyung watch gay porn. But it is cooler than straight one (*´∀`)
rereading because this was my first ever bts fanfic and it's amazing!
Reading this for the 5th time because THIS FANFIC IS MY LIFE :)
Hallow_Bae Hallow_Bae Aug 23
Oh shīt seriously, it's you again 😂 well hello bes! 😂😂
VR_7BTS VR_7BTS May 13
Same! But vkook is the first in my heart then follow with vmin. I'm searching for vmin bc there's no more vkook book I can read
stigmama stigmama Apr 13, 2015
i am now a full suporter of this supporter~ happy to be here aha xD