I Am Alone: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

I Am Alone: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

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He saved them. He loved them. Cared for them. A hero like this should be treated with respect. However his only reward was betrayal. His name is Iota. And this is his story.


      Sometimes, your family goes against you. Sometimes they play with your feelings. And sometimes they just use you. I had always thought that being a family meant that you stick together, never going against each other. Apparently, my own family thought being a family meant treating you like dirt. 

That is why I left. Left to begin a new family, a new life. I dreamed of just settling down and staying with them in safety forever. However, sometimes on the way to your dream you get lost and find a new one.

When new trouble arises and I am once again thrown into the mix, my dream shifts when I begin to see clearer.

When I finally begin to know the truth, my world is turned upside down.

So, will I know my true identity?

Or will I forever be known as Perseus Jackson the Hero Gone Wrong.
And will I finally be not alone.


Join Percy and the gang in this new story! Read along as people are made into enemies and alliances are made.


Rated PG-13 for minor cursing and may contain gore

All rights to Rick Riordan

Read on!

MaggieNerd108 MaggieNerd108 Nov 14, 2016
Annabeth would NEVER do that! And the 7 and Poseidon would never disown him!
Alpha_Midnight Alpha_Midnight Jul 14, 2016
                              So.... Now you realize what Nico's type is how it isn't you?
                              Also I absolutely love all the colours!
cross13ctr cross13ctr Nov 21, 2016
I still dont get why all these styles have him leaving Riptide. I mean, ya his dad left it for him, but it was really Zoe's so he would definitely take it with him to remember his friend. Just thought. Good story so far tho.
Battle_Scarred Battle_Scarred Nov 03, 2016
I think I read this fanfic before :/ I've read too many I can't even keep track and sometimes I reread them 😫
arlix13 arlix13 Jan 09, 2016
ThaliaGrace8702 ThaliaGrace8702 Jun 20, 2015
Wait, make Percy have 11 other siblings who look exactly like him. Their names should be:
                              Coral  Female
                              Pearl  Female
                              Natallia  Female
                              Kitty  Female
                              Jade  Female
                              Unique   Female
                              Alex  Male
                              Cadmus  Male
                              Nova  Male
                              Theseus  Male
                              Cole  Male
                              You can chose the Last names though