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Where He Belongs

Where He Belongs

348K Reads 21.7K Votes 65 Part Story
~Kate~ By Feline_Fan Completed

"You're not like the other wolves here, Colton. You're different." 

Colton was a rogue borne omega; a rarity in the least. Raised in a small, rogue community hidden in the depths of the woods Colton has no cares in the world. Until a rogue caught him one night when he was fifteen.
From this, Colton was taught to fear. 
To fear the dreaded Pack wolves known for their murderous ways, to fear his fellow not-so-friendly rogues, and to fear his future in a world where he is always the weakest. When he is stolen from his home and into the arms of a potential mate in an unfamiliar territory, Colton questions what he's been told and what he's experienced.
Colton must decide what he wants and what's worth losing as he tries to figure out Where He Belongs.
WARNING: Mentions of rape, abuse, sexual content.
This isn't a light, happy fairy-tale. Be warned this story contains dark subject matter that not all readers will enjoy. So please take caution.

Bruh. Why would you do that to your kid? He snuck out but it wasn't like he was doing anything insane and you're making him bleed for it. That's uncalled for
schmoogBRUH schmoogBRUH Jul 03
Wow I got smacked around pretty good by my parents back in the day but they never did this.
Oh shut up Candice. If you learned how to punch maybe you wouldn't have this problem
You know this reminds me of an abusive relationship. Rash punishments with tears and 'I'm sorry's after only to do it again
For a second I thought he was gonna beat him with the rocks and I was like wtf dude but this is still brutal
Kid that's a good deal. Make them promise to kill it with minimum physical damage the go back inside. Rabbit pelts are soooo soft and they make the best purses