Cry Wolf, Cry [Welcome To Wolf's Peak] (manxman)

Cry Wolf, Cry [Welcome To Wolf's Peak] (manxman)

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M.T. Jones By M-T-Jones Completed

Book 1

Jason left Wolf's Peak for a boarding school when he was ten after being badly beaten by bullies. He promised himself that he'd never return and he'd never be a part of Bram's pack. But his brother is about to become Beta of the Wolf Creek Pack and his father, the former Beta, has been injured in a rogue attack. He's going back one last time to severe the pack link once and for all.

Bram was a horrible child. He bullied others because he could. He was the future Alpha and he had the power. As an adult he's seen that life as an Alpha is a lot different than he imagined. He doesn't know who wants him for Bram, the man, or Bram the powerful Alpha. He's shocked when his mate turns out to be a male, and not just any male but the one he bullied as a child.

What happens when a wolf denies his mate?

SerasEster SerasEster Feb 04, 2016
I hope that the image was burned into Bram's head since then
allyssambates allyssambates Nov 17, 2016
The fact that he's a redhead pisses me off even more because I freaking love redheads
ASMorrow ASMorrow Jul 30, 2016
I hate that happened to him, but it's such a great place to start. I'm wildly interested and I really enjoy your writing style!
enferno07 enferno07 Jun 23, 2016
Can I say that I'm in the same situation...? I mean, I want to leave and I was accepted into a boarding school, but I don't have the money to go there... But I can stay here. They're always tormenting me and I can't take it anymore...
Kayla408 Kayla408 Aug 20, 2016
I read the one shot first before this so I feel like I ruined the book but didn't
PrinceDel PrinceDel Mar 27, 2016
I love books where the main character is a redhead, I don't know why, I just feel like they have the funniest personality 😉