Cry Wolf, Cry [Welcome To Wolf's Peak] (manxman)

Cry Wolf, Cry [Welcome To Wolf's Peak] (manxman)

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M.T. Jones By M-T-Jones Completed

Book 1

Jason left Wolf's Peak for a boarding school when he was ten after being badly beaten by bullies. He promised himself that he'd never return and he'd never be a part of Bram's pack. But his brother is about to become Beta of the Wolf Creek Pack and his father, the former Beta, has been injured in a rogue attack. He's going back one last time to severe the pack link once and for all.

Bram was a horrible child. He bullied others because he could. He was the future Alpha and he had the power. As an adult he's seen that life as an Alpha is a lot different than he imagined. He doesn't know who wants him for Bram, the man, or Bram the powerful Alpha. He's shocked when his mate turns out to be a male, and not just any male but the one he bullied as a child.

What happens when a wolf denies his mate?

  • bully
  • manxman
  • mpreg
  • werewolf
Laugh-a-bout Laugh-a-bout May 20, 2017
I wish my school was more caring, well the people. I've had people throw sticks at me on the way to the busses, no one said anything, only laughed, teachers not outside yet....
Jasicoluvs Jasicoluvs Jul 16, 2017
I've never got bullied nor know something who is/was(at least from what i know) tbf i'm not from Usa so
-TheQueenOfAllShips- -TheQueenOfAllShips- Oct 06, 2017
If I were the parents, no matter how loyal I was to the alpha, I'm would leave. Yes I'm loyal to you, but no I won't stand there and watch your kid bully mine. My child is more important to me than my loyalty to you
yasholovescats yasholovescats Apr 25, 2017
Multiple attempts have been made at bullying me but none have succeeded! Well multiple is like 5....I'm just a kimd of person who doesn't really care and is quick to report that kind of stuff so for the bullies it's no fun...
Jasicoluvs Jasicoluvs Jul 16, 2017
Sometimes i imagine how the life of someone who bullies carry on, like, adults and all, what must be passing through their head's and what would they do if they reconnect
TtThfhfttt TtThfhfttt 3 days ago
I forgot this was a werewolf story for a bit and stated questioning what lies/stories be told him about puberty when he said increased healing.