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[Originally "Just His Toy"].

Sylis McClair was the Alpha of the Blood Moon Crest Pack in the deep, snowy woods of Colorado. At the age of twenty, Sylis is sent on a journey to find his mate, the next Luna. 

Atticus Harris is an abused, tortured, and mentally unhealthy Omega of the Dark Ages Pack, run by the vicious, homophobic Lane Darwin. The weird thing about Atticus is that he cannot speak as if he were a normal person. Years of abuse have altered his ability to speak full sentences.

*sees the name Alec Lightwood* *chokes on air thinking about Malec*
Alec Lightwood as in Alexander Gideon Lightwood.. this cant be coincidence so Imma gonna go with that 😜
direfaery direfaery Nov 07
I hope your migraines have gotten better. I have them too and they're miserable.
DonutsXD DonutsXD Jun 10
I forgot the show name but it's a movie.....Hmmm That's where the creppy and scary house came from loll
fangayurl fangayurl Apr 24
Good job! I like your style of writing, and I think you are a fantastic author
Bro ;-; barely half way through the first page and im reeled in, BUT NOO HOE COULD SHE DO THAT WHAT THE FUDGE MAN