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Don't You Dare Darkiplier x Reader

Don't You Dare Darkiplier x Reader

66.7K Reads 2.3K Votes 25 Part Story
Crossroad Assbutt By imaginethebandlife Updated Nov 10, 2016

Y/n is always on YouTube constantly watching her favorite YouTuber, Markiplier. Suddenly Mark doesn't act the same way he was before. He seemed dark and evil like. Mark doesn't post for days on end and she only knows the changes. What happens when her world is turned upside down?

cringeymemequeen cringeymemequeen Nov 16, 2016
Yes indeed innocent.
                              *awkwardly laughs while slowly shutting door to basement*
                              *awkwardly laughs while trying to hide fanfiction*
AlexBrookstone AlexBrookstone Jun 26, 2016
Yes. I am *not* innocent girl *demon in female body*
                              Adn i swear that person run into me when i was holding knife. It's his fault. Not mine *innocent but evil grin*
                              So who's next?
Antis_little_monster Antis_little_monster Nov 11, 2016
Reades "Other side of the screen" tells to self #REFRENCESBRO!!!!
9ARTISTZ3 9ARTISTZ3 Aug 07, 2016
I JUST read a different story with the exact same plot but with antisepticeye instead of dak :/ I think your story got copied maybe idk
Wearyclarisa Wearyclarisa Sep 09, 2016
I love how no one in these comments are innocent 😹😹😹
I-innocent maybe not?...................... *hides my Wattpad app in my phone somewhere*