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♡Pineapple♡ By X-Ray_The_Writer Completed


Jack and Mark were warned about their counterparts coming back to become 'one' whatever that means. They're in a mess which spells trouble all over as Antisepticeye and Darkiplier get the best of them but is this not what it all seems to be or is there something more behind their dark personalities? 

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This also includes the sequel at the end of the first story.

Sequel Description: 

Mark's little sister (A/n) joins Mark to come to Jack's birthday party, she doesn't know about their dark sides until Darkiplier finally decides to come out to play! How will she react when she has her own little secret to be kept and how will she tell Mark the truth? (A/n) is also a youtuber the same as her big brother, Mark, and there is some romance blossoming but what happens when Wilford Warfstache jumps in to the situation causing Mark to make one decision? Wilford, Dark or does he make everyone go down with him?

Find out why this book is named Antisepticeye!

(C) Antisepticeye written by X-Ray_The_Writer 2016


Could make jack sound more Irish like you could say I'm grand what bout you? Good punctuation tho
I've read the whole story its good there good detail in it but it is too dramatic too much unconscious scenes in it and most of the time its jack you could space out the parts where they do go unconcius but apart from that its really good