You & I (Niam Horayne)

You & I (Niam Horayne)

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1Derful_1Derland By 1Derful_1Derland Updated Nov 27, 2016

Niall's parents got a divorce and it's changed his perspective on a little thing called love. He is confused about what it really means to love somebody. He thought his parents were deeply in love, but their relationship failed, and he's scared his will as soon as he gets one.

Liam has always had a crush on Niall since he first saw him. When he bumps into Niall's locker, the two boys meet, and Liam is wonderstruck, and his crush on Niall only develops more, but he is hopeless as Niall doesn't want to give his heart away. He doesn't want to get hurt.

But Niall can't help his feelings and soon finds himself falling for Liam as well. He just needs help with his understanding of love again.

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niam1001 niam1001 Feb 25, 2017
I dont know how else to say it but i kinda hate the world DUDE like it sems so worng especialy coming from niall
upinthe_hoodings upinthe_hoodings Aug 14, 2016
Because it's fun to pound other people with dodgeballs. It's nice when you can throw stuff at people (you might not like) and not get in trouble for it.
Theniamshipper Theniamshipper Mar 11, 2016
Kukukuku Liam's pining is making me feel sooooo good >:3 I'm weird \o/
sava16 sava16 Jul 04, 2016
Isn't it when your 16 you can decide who you live with and you can visit your other parent whenever you what?..
wonderlustirwin wonderlustirwin Jul 06, 2016
Go away zayn. SHE'S MINE!!! 
                              PERRIE LOUISE EDWARDS IS MINE. OKAY ZAYN? Okay.
GeekCharming17 GeekCharming17 Sep 08, 2015
That's what you say Niall it always ends up being more then some 'stupid' date