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"So what's your name?" He asks

Oh so now he wants to play the game of twenty questions. 


"Do you think I should tell you?" I ask

"Answering my question with a question huh?" He asks once again 

"Stating the obvious huh?" I do same

Then he chuckles

"You're different" he states

"Different good or different bad?" I ask 

"Different perfect" he says with a heart warming smile.

Oh my, he has a beautiful smile but it's not captivating. I think I should see the doctor. What are the girls drooling about that I don't see? I think I need help.


This is Dakota MacCan.
A teenage girl, but not your normal teenage girl.
She's a senior in Weinstein High School. Everyone will be happy to be a senior, but for some reason she's not.
Not because she doesn't have friends, not because she doesn't have family. 
But because she was born that way.
She was born DIFFERENT! 

Now, will the school's most gorgeous boy:

1. Handsome

2. Rich

3. Gorgeous 

4. Humble

5. What all boys would like to be

6. And what all girls would like to have

7. But who has fallen in love with Dakota 

8. Jason Kyle Roberts

Be able to make her normal or exceptional?

Read Different to find out!

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