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Wherever You Are [COMPLETED]

Wherever You Are [COMPLETED]

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Queenie ♔ By wafflesx3 Completed

“What is your problem?! LEAVE ME ALONE!” I screeched. I was tired of this and couldn't hold it in. He’s been doing this for a whole year. A WHOLE YEAR. It was the last day and I had nothing to lose from this sudden outburst anyway. I was ecstatic that it was almost summer vacation. I’m going to go to my aunt’s place in Philadelphia and live there for the rest of the summer – AWAY from Dylan and his friends here in Massachusetts.  “Never, baby. Wherever you are, I’ll be there.” He sent me one last smirk and left the cafeteria, filing out along with the rest of the students.  ♣ “I’ll miss you, sweetie.” “I’ll miss you too, mom. See you in September.”  And with that, I closed my suitcase for the last time in Massachusetts and prepared for a peaceful, serene summer in Philadelphia. ♣ “Dylan?!” I shrieked as my glasses drooped down the bridge of my nose.  “Abby…?” He sounded unsure as he studied my face and features a bit more. “What are you doing here?”  “I should be asking you that,” I stated bluntly while readjusting my glasses.  “Oh you silly kids. We already told you. We’re living together!” Elaine announced again. I almost barfed.

EmilyGlass3 EmilyGlass3 Nov 27, 2016
Actually he was in pll he was Jake he had 9 episodes  (2013-2014)
destynis destynis Jun 01, 2016
It just wouldn't be a wattpad story if they didn't magically be forced to each other.
This sorta of sound like a book I've read but idk I'm having dejavu
YourCuddleBuddy_1303 YourCuddleBuddy_1303 Nov 08, 2016
I LOVE THE BUDDIE MOVIESSSSSSSSS!! They're so cuteeeeeeeee :3
AdaobiDomOkoli AdaobiDomOkoli Sep 16, 2016
Sorry to burst ur bubbles alexbrownie246 nigeria doesnt we are rich and cool on our own., for ur mum go save the world in gen nt only africa
CaptainNg CaptainNg Aug 14, 2015
i wanted her to say -the pink walls covered in on me as i hid the pink blankets and sobbed pink tears like theres no tomorrow. that'd be perfect hah